Intel, very close agreement for the Italian plant? Two Regions in the running

L’agreement between Intel and the Italian government for the semiconductor backend facility (in-depth topic here) would be now close and would have an initial value of $ 5 billion.

To return to this important investment, promised by Intel and of which some traces had been lost, was the Reuters news agency. The US company’s investment in Italy is part of a major European plan which will lead to the creation of factories and research centers with various functions and purposes also in Germany, France, Spain, Ireland and Poland. Intel’s goal is to bring manufacturing and design closer to European companies, allowing them not to depend too much on Asia.

Between COVID and geopolitical tensions, in fact, the last few years have shown how the semiconductor supply chain was too biased towards the East and above all underpowered to meet the rapidly growing demand for chips from all sectors. Reuters sources report that “the government of outgoing premier Mario Draghi was working to have an agreement in place by the end of Augustin view of the early national elections scheduled for 25 September “.

The Italian government would be ready to support 40% of Intel’s total investment in Italy, a commitment that should grow from the initial 5 billion dollars over time. However, these figures must be taken with a grain of salt because “the full extent of Intel’s investment and how Italy plans to finance its share is not yet clear”.

Recall that Intel in March talked about a potential investment of up to 4.5 billion euros, about 1,500 jobs in Intel and another 3,500 jobs between suppliers and partners.

And if the news of an almost concluded agreement makes us jump for joy (but the sparkling wine will be uncorked only at the announcement), the question that arises spontaneously: where will the factory be built? “Intel and the government have selected possible sites in two Italian regions,” Reuters sources say. It would appear that the list has shrunk toPiedmont and Veneto, at least according to one of the sources, even if the decision has not yet been made. Lombardy, Puglia and Sicily were also on the initial list.

Rome has so far set aside € 4.15 billion until 2030 to attract chip makers and investments in innovative technologies. Supported by the approval of the European Chips Act, Italy would have entered into discussions with STMicroelectronics, MEMC Electronic Materials, TSMC (which has cooled the enthusiasm) and Tower Semiconductor (company that Intel bought earlier this year).

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