Intel: Xe Graphics Cards in 2020, With Support for Ray Tracing


Intel confirms the arrival of discrete Xe graphics cards in 2020 with support for Ray Tracing technology, also suggests the possibility that these GPUs could arrive in June 2020.

Intel confirmed at the IDC Developer Conference 2019 in Tokyo that its discrete Xe graphics cards will be launched in 2020 and will support Ray Tracing graphics technology.

We¬†‘ve been¬†waiting for this revolution from¬†Intel for a long time: the American company has worked extensively on the production of¬†discrete GPUs after having historically focused on graphics cards integrated into the CPUs, with a particular increase in research and development in this sense emerged in the last few years.

Confirmation of the arrival of Intel Xe GPUs arrived during the 2019 IDC in Tokyo, with the launch period scheduled for 2020 and the confirmed feature of the Ray Tracing support, which should place these graphics cards in direct competition with those of Nvidia and AMD.

No further details on the matter have been reached, but among the messages published on Twitter by Raja Koduri, a key element in the development of the Xe GPUs after his move from AMD to Intel, a particularly interesting photo has come up: it is a Tesla license plate Model X in which the word “ThinkXe” can be read, with clear reference to the GPU in question, and the date¬†“June 2020”,¬†which suggests a possible launch of the cards in this period.

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