Inter alarm, all for sale: there is already a queue for the big names

Inter’s future to be deciphered, the Nerazzurri reflect on the fate of their big names: numerous sales in sight

Definitely delicate days forInter, who prepares the return to the field, trying to increase his performance after a fitful start to the season and at the same time comes to terms with the data relating to the company’s balance sheet. With scenarios that do not make the fans feel at all calm and a climate of contestation against the management that is becoming increasingly heavy: the anti Zhang of recent times, circulated in the city and on social networks, they speak for themselves.

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The Nerazzurri, after having concluded the first mini-cycle of the season in an extremely fluctuating manner, with 5 wins and 4 defeats in the first nine games, is called to respond on the pitch. In ten days, between the big match in the league against Rome and the two challenges to the Barcelona in Champions League, Inzaghi and his are already playing a lot. Based on the results of these challenges, the season could already take a very specific turn, for better or for worse. The fate of the technician, at the moment, is not in question, the company has reiterated its trust and wants to continue driving with him. A trust that Inzaghiwith last year’s performance – scudetto faded by a whisker and two trophies brought home, Italian Cup And Italian Super Cup – he deserved on the pitch. But it is clear that more in-depth assessments could be carried out in mid-November, when there will be the long stop for the World Cup. Depending on the results achieved and the position that theInter will occupy in the standings and in Europe, the speeches could change. But in view of the 2023 attention also to scenarios relating to the future of the big players of the team: between January and June, the upheavals could be numerous. Let’s take stock of the situation at Inter and the possible heavy sales, from Bastoni and Barella to Lautaro Martinez and beyond.

Inter, revolution in sight in 2023: everyone on the market, the scenarios

Inter alarm, all for sale: there is already a queue for the big names
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The red budget that today will be ratified by the Board of Directors of the club, of approx 140 million euros, is a heavy liability. Data improving, this is true, compared to -245 million a year ago, thanks in large part to the goodbyes of a year ago Lukaku (later returned on loan) e Hakimi registered in the financial year 2021/2022, but it is not enough. Zhang will inject approximately 100 million of liquidity into the club’s coffers, to relaunch his commitment, but even this will not be enough to put the accounts in order. And that is why all the big Nerazzurri are in fact already on the market in view of the next transfer windows, between the winter and the summer. Where, we remind you, also following the recent sanctions of the Uefa a minimum positive balance of approx 60 million euros. No one is untouchable and much less non-transferable, therefore, in the face of congruous offers. The first suspects for the departure in January, in addition to Skriniar whose renewal is increasingly uphill and on which the Psg keep pushing, they are Dumfrieswatched by the ChelseaAnd Gosenswhich there is no shortage of suitors and which by the end of the summer market had been close to Bayer Leverkusen. But the alarm also goes off for the various Sticks, Stretcher And Lautaro Martinez, the sale of one of which could guarantee the minimum amount required. At least a heavy sale is needed and the interest of the big Europeans, for all of them, is concrete. The first two are very popular in Premier League (Manchester City for the defender, Tottenham And Liverpool for the midfielder), the striker recently is closely followed by the Bayern Monaco but the occasion could again attract other greats from the continent.

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