Inter ballasted but changing Inzaghi makes no sense: to take who? Marotta asks …

Alfio Musmarra’s editorial for FCinter1908: “Inter were able to offer the best football in Italy last year. Inzaghi changes”

Rome, Barcelona, ​​Sassuolo, Barcelona, ​​Salernitana and Fiorentina. These will be the next matches that will face theInter, from which the management expects concrete answers, because the time for chatter is over. The comparisons have been and will continue to be as it should be because in the end the coach cannot be the only scapegoat. The players must take their own responsibilities: not making 3 passes in a row, not marking, not helping each other, losing the opponents are serious and superficial errors that cannot be attributed to the coach.

Different speech instead concerns the lack of athletic and mental condition, the change of pace, the brilliance. This can be attributed to the technician. The tactical confusion, the wrong changes, the choices. And in this sense, after the stop, a U-turn will be needed.

No more compromises, no more half measures, now the time has come for even tough choices, we need a shock therapy that can no longer be postponed. Also because the season is still to be played and there is plenty of time to revive a team that has everything to do well.

What then, mind you, what sense would it have to throw everything away by changing coach? To take who then?

According to everyone, last year’s Inter offered the best football in Serie A for several months. Inzaghi’s Lazio was the only team (together with Sarri’s Napoli) to put a spoke in the wheel. to super Juve when the Milanese were bogged down in the rear of anonymity.

It is difficult to think that all of a sudden he has become entangled, but certainly at this moment it gives the idea of ​​going through a complicated phase and of having gone into confusion. It is one thing to train in the Biancoceleste ‘comfort zone’ where he has lived his entire career, another is to coach Inter where the pressures are enormous and where half a misstep is experienced as a tragedy.

This is why Marotta and Ausilio hope that in the second half Inzaghi will demonstrate that he deserves the Inter bench by putting his own, also making some tactical changes. After all, the renewal was a sign of total confidence at the end of the summer. The much reviled Conte, for example, in a difficult moment, adopted the double play with Brozovic and Eriksen, and from there he changed the season of the Nerazzurri. Of course we also need an athletic condition that is no longer approximate, with people running, sprinting and sacrificing themselves until the 94th minute.

Milan-Napoli was indicative in this sense, it cannot be just a coincidence that the team seems weighted.

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