Inter-Barcelona, ​​”an arbitration scandal”: all furious in Spain

BARCELONA (Spain) – InterBarcelona leaves a deep aftermath of controversy: Spanish fans, media and insiders are furious at the refereeing of Vincic in the match of Champions League won 1-0 by the Nerazzurri thanks to a goal by Calhanoglu. The subject of the controversy are three episodes in particular: the goal canceled in Pedri for the foul of hands of Fati, the penalty denied to the blaugrana in the final game for a hand foul in the area of the Nerazzurri Dumfries and, in the last action of the game, the pushed into the area by Skriniar on Lewandowski not sanctioned by the Serbian whistle. A referee direction, Mundo Deportivo underlines, not supported by a Var able to decide accurately on the moments mentioned above: well in the first half, according to the Spanish media, when he has Correa’s goal canceled and denied the penalty to the Catalans, but in the second fraction, as pointed out by the defender Garcia in the post-match, he failed to apply the new rule according to which “the action in which the ball is accidentally touched with the hand or arm and then a teammate scores a goal or has an opportunity is no longer considered a punishable offense. ” On the hand intervention of Dumfries in the 92nd minute too Xavi in the post-race interview it was clear and direct: “For me it is a very clear episode”said the Barça coach (warned for protests during the match and protagonist of a gesture aimed at mimicking a “bribe”), finding consensus among the national media which also underline here the error of the referee and Var. Immediately after this decision, in the next action, Lewandowski suffered a boost of Skriniar inside the area, just as he was trying to finish, but neither the referee pointed out anything nor the VAR asked for the action to be reviewed.

Calhanoglu leads Inter: Inzaghi beats Barcelona 1-0

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Calhanoglu leads Inter: Inzaghi beats Barcelona 1-0

“Referees thus take away the desire for football”

Another Iberian media, El Chiringuito, underlines its opposition on Twitter: “Referees like today’s take away the desire to see football “while Sport states that the UEFA rule on goals disallowed and penalties granted has not been applied: If the ball, after accidentally touching a player in the hand or arm, is thrown by another teammate and scores a goal, then the goal will be valid. “emphasizing that “in this way, with the regulation under his arm, the goal would have been validated “. It would have been different if Ansu Fati had scored the goal himself. There, too, the rule is clear: “If a player accidentally hits the ball with his hand or arm and scores immediately, that goal would have been canceled.”

Inzaghi: "Episodes?  Gol Barca just cancel it"

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Inzaghi: “Episodes? Gol Barca just cancel it”

Garcia: “They didn’t explain the cancellation of the goal”

One of the most controversial at the end of the match was certainly the defender blaugrana Garcia:I don’t know why they canceled Pedri’s goal. The referees explained to us that the player who touches the ball with his hand, if he scores, the goal is not valid, but if he touches it with his hand and another is not relevant if the touch is not voluntary. The ball is touched by Onana and goes to Ansu’s hand. I don’t know, that’s something they need to clear up. On the touch of his hands he stated: “Some say he touches it with his hand, but I didn’t see it because I was very far away. We told him that if he wasn’t convinced about Dumfries’ penalty, he would have to watch it on the monitor. But in the end they are decisions that we cannot control, that now go against us, but we must focus on the game“.

The Inter you do not expect makes the company for Inzaghi

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The Inter you do not expect makes the company for Inzaghi

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