Inter beat Viktoria Plzen 4 to 0 and accomplished the feat: eliminating Barcelona and accessing the round of 16 of the Champions League

Inter does the business. It’s not beating the modest Viktoria Plzena bleak score of only 3 goals scored and even 20 conceded in the group, probably the worst team of this team Champions. But pass the group of death in ease, even with a day in advance, eliminating the Barcelona and all the apotropaic rites of his coach Xavimaybe now even going to play first place in the home of the Bayern Monaco with a clear head (it will depend on the result tonight, but at this point it matters little).

Only the last step was needed. The team of Simone Inzaghi he moved him without trembling, perhaps just for a moment at the beginning (it wouldn’t be Inter, otherwise) but basically with more composure than the Nerazzurri fans feared, mindful of the recent past. No fear, no hesitation: 4-0 at home against Viktoria, qualification already mortgaged in the first half with the goals of Mkhitaryan And Dzekothen sealed again by Dzeko and by the return of Lukaku. Virtually a triumph.

Inter have only really risked once, immediately in the first minute, discovered on a potentially lethal counterattack, recovered by Sticks. The enthusiasm is there, even too much. The nervousness too, is noted by some trivial error. The result is a difficult start, more than expected, also thanks to the deployment of the Czechs who show up with the classic bus at San Siro: two lines of 5 and 4 to try to deny the qualifying victory at Inter. An ambition of form, more than an ambition. Zero shots on goal until the 25th minute, when Inter got three chances in the same action, two with Marco’sthe other one Mkhitaryanvery good goalkeeper Stanek.

It is the demonstration that it is enough to play a normal game to beat Viktoria. But this is not a normal match. There is the weight of the stakes. Is there any precedent (Psv, Shakthar) well impressed in the memory of Inter fans and this group. Not this time. At the umpteenth breakthrough on the left on the Dimarco-Bastoni axis, everyone marks Dzeko, even the goalkeeper seems so focused on the Bosnian that he is amazed by the header of the little Mkhitaryan, who slowly slips into the goal. The goal was in the air and it is a liberation. Unlocked the score, chase away the ghosts. Before the interval also comes the doubling with Dzeko, put on goal by a wonderful assist from the usual Dimarco, best in the field.

The second half is almost an exhibition. The Viktoria seems to have given up even that minimum of resistance that he could offer. Inter repeatedly touches the third goal, finds him in surplace again with Dzeko, left alone in the middle of the area. With armored qualification, the rest is time for changes. In the end, in the last ten minutes, also for Lukaku’s return to the field after two months of injury: he had to be ready for tonight’s game, he comes in and scores 4-0, but there wouldn’t have been any need. The party is perfect.

For the second season in a row, Inter are in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Among the best sixteen in Europe, this team has shown that it can already be there last year, but above all this. The masterpiece was the draw at Camp Noubut basically tonight’s so obvious victory is a proof of the international maturity of a team that even in the best moments of the era With you in Europe it was often lost. Perhaps the greatest merit of Simone Inzaghi: it means money (vital, given the company’s economic situation), ranking, a different caliber. Considering that the cup is still a prohibitive goal, he now has to recover the lost ground in the league, the only realistic goal for this team. Of course, if good news were to arrive from the draw on 7 November, everything would change. This Inter has a credit with luck. This time he earned it.

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