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Inter’s 2021/22 financial statements closed with a loss of 140 million euros, about 105 million less than the 245.6 of last year. The Nerazzurri club announces with an official press release the approval of the financial statements by the Board of Directors: revenues are up (439, they were 364.7 in the previous year), Suning has expressed its formal commitment to support the group by guaranteeing its patrimonial support.

THE NOTE – The Board of Directors of FC Internazionale Milano SpA approved the consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2021/2022. The financial statements will be submitted for approval by the Shareholders’ Meeting of FC Internazionale SpA, which will be convened at the end of October.

The 2021/2022 financial year was, in continuity with the previous one, strongly characterized by the social and economic contingency caused by the health emergency, with a gradual relaxation of the contagion containment measures only in the second part of the sports season. In this context, the Club shows results in positive progression.

The financial results of last season see an increase of approximately € 75 million in consolidated revenues which amounted to € 439.6 million, to be compared with the € 364.7 million of the previous financial statements.. Considering comparable data, i.e. without considering in the 2020/2021 financial statements the tail of the 2019/2020 season played after the following financial year has already begun, the increase in revenues is around € 140 million.

The financial statements closed with a loss of € 140 million, reduced by approximately € 105 million compared to € 245.6 million in 2021. The Majority Shareholder has already expressed his formal commitment to support the group by guaranteeing its capital support.

OVERVIEW 2021/2022
Inter ended the sporting season with the victory of two titles, its 8th Italian Cup and its 6th Italian Super Cup, reaching 2nd place in Serie A. The results confirm the team at the highest level of competitiveness.

The 2022/2023 football season has finally opened with a stadium full of Nerazzurri fans: the season ticket campaign, the first after the years of the Pandemic, ended with great success, confirming the record-breaking trend of attendance at the Meazza.

The two primary objectives of the Club remain steadfast: maintaining the team’s competitiveness at the highest levels in every event and strengthening its financial position.

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