Inter: Brozovic and De Vrij, arranged the instrumental tests. A good sign from the Croatian

The two players left the game with Liverpool prematurely due to calf fatigue: injuries must be ruled out

Inter she came back from Anfield late at night after the useless victory for the purposes of qualifying for the quarterfinals. But it was very tough on the pitch, both for the pitch and for the intensity of a match that spared no blows. Inzaghi, on the plane, decided to give his boys a day off to recharge their batteries in preparation for the match against Torino.

They keep the conditions apprehensive Brozovic And De Vrij left the pitch prematurely, due to both calf fatigue, one the right, the other the left. From what he writes The Gazzetta dello Sport the medical staff of Interhas already prepared the instrumental exams, scheduled in the evening or tomorrow morning also depending on the sensations that will be transmitted by the two concerned after a little rest. Obviously, if even the slightest injury emerged, the two would be out with the Bull. But since the calf is a very delicate part, even fatigue alone must be managed with caution to avoid losing them for a long time. And it cannot be ruled out that the two face a different destiny. Brozo is the most tactically important one, and the fact that he tried to resume yesterday could be a good sign“, it is read.

Alternative in defense, if the Dutch did not make it it would be D’Ambrosio right with Skriniar at the center of defense. For Brozovic there is no real alternative. Barella will return, he was not with Liverpool due to disqualification. Instead they could play Calhanoglu or Gagliardini and the conditions of Vidal.

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