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Onana 6: No noteworthy intervention, he lives a quiet evening. Always accurate on the way out.

Skriniar 7: Armband, it rejects like a rubber wall every opponent attack.

Unripe 6.5: The start is not perfect, a couple of burrs allows it. She then she settles down and continues with good concentration, never going into trouble.

7.5 sticks: At the ready, he contains Bassey’s potentially dangerous counterattack with a nice defensive recovery. He then takes off the shoes of the defender, wears the cloak, and flies on the wing as if he were a winger to serve Mkhitaryan the cross that is worth the 1-0 assist.

Dumfries 6.5: He has a lot of field to gain and puts his foot on the accelerator, even if he lacks a bit of precision in the last choice.

Stretcher 7: He lights up San Siro with a 50-meter throw that cuts the field and the defense of Viktoria, landing softly on Dimarco’s left, who in turn serves Dzeko for the 2-0. Perfect also in transition phase, ball and chain grinds kilometers and makes the team breathe.

Calhanoglu 6.5: Interdiction and direction, often in the same action. Rooting and throwing is becoming his specialty. The action built together with Dimarco and Lautaro was wonderful, starting from his 50-meter throw.

(From the 26 ‘st Asllani 6: He plays with a little tension in his legs, the benches accumulated so far are not doing him well).

Mkhitaryan 7.5: He resolves the Florence practice and starts that round of 16 of the Champions League, with the goal that uncorks the match. If Asllani had seen him free in front of goal at the Camp Nou, he would have been decisive in Barcelona as well. In short, he is not one who disappears in time of need.

(From the 38 ‘st Gagliardini: sv)

Dimarco 7.5: It rains crosses in the opponent’s penalty area, tracers that put the guest rearguard in trouble. He puts Jirka behind him, controls Barella’s throw as if he had quick-grip glue on his boot and serves Dzeko in the center of the box in front of the goal line for the 2-0. Lautaro’s first-intention assist was also wonderful, but the Argentine wasted).

(From the 31 ‘st Gosens 6: Ordered, enter when the match is resolved).

Dzeko 8: At 0-0, when deep down there is a bit of fear, it is he who keeps all the balls and does not miss even a support. He gives courage and ideas, but also goals. Two. The first easy easy, zero meters from the goal line, the second low shot from the left, surgical on the far post, from the height of the spot.

(From the 26 ‘st Correa 6.5: This time he affects with a good play, it is his assist for Lukaku’s 4-0. A goal that marks an important return and also for this reason the assist is not trivial, even if apparently it might seem so).

Lautaro 7: He is in good shape and it shows, he fights on all the balls and tries to score, but without any obsession, judging by the fact that he always tries to serve the best placed teammate. Not a banality for someone who lives for the goal. After Barcelona, ​​Salernitana and Fiorentina, he still gives an assist, the fourth in a row, for Dzeko who scores 3-0.

(From the 38 ‘st Lukaku 7: 4 ‘is enough to make San Siro explode, which welcomes his entry into the field with a roar that goes straight into his chest. The Belgian collects the energies of the 72,000 and with all the anger he has in his body, the 4-0 southpaw explodes. He was missing. He’s back).

Inzaghi 7.5: To the fans in the stands it almost doesn’t seem true, Inter earns the knockout stages of the Champions League and takes advantage of the match point without ever going into pain. A habit that has never existed in these parts.


Stanek 6: Miraculous double intervention within 15 seconds, the first on Dimarco’s left-handed, the second on Mkhitaryan’s header. On the 4 Nerazzurri goals he is never guilty.

Tijani 5: In marking on Mkhitaryan on Bastoni’s cross, he inexplicably detaches and leaves the Armenian free to hit the net, with a header, from two steps from the goal line.

(From the 7th st Jemelka 5: Enter for the injured Tijani and it’s hole after hole).

Hejda 5: Leave a few holes behind and Inter often slips on his side. His save from Lautaro’s volley was providential, but a few minutes later the Nerazzurri found the advantage, once again breaking through on his side.

Pernica 5: As a central defense, it sinks along with the entire backlog.

Havel 5: Continuously stripped by the award-winning Bastoni-Dimarco company. He will go to bed with a headache.

Bucha 5: Among the worst players in the first leg, he is repeated in the return leg.

(From the 25 ‘st Ndiaye 5: A few minutes, but enough to show inadequacy to the context).

Kalvach 5.5: At least try to hold on, even if in the long run he too flounders.

Mosquera 5: He starts from the winger on the left, then goes under the tip, where he touches a few more balls, but always in a confusing way.

Jirka 4.5: Bilek assigns him too many defensive tasks, which he doesn’t have in the ropes. Disoriented.

(From the 1st st Holik 5: He enters to balance the defense, but his entry does not seem to improve things).

Vilkanova 5: He acts between the lines, but touches very few balls.

(From 39 ‘st Pilar: sv)

Bassey 5: His first half consists of a shot that Bastoni contains without any problem. In fact, he stays in the locker room.

(From the 1st st Chory 5: In Bassey’s footsteps)

Bilek 4.5: Viktoria Plzen shows themselves as worse than they could at San Siro, giving the idea of ​​a disorganized team, with an almost improvised game.

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