Inter, furious fans with Inzaghi and Handanovic

The anger of the Nerazzurri supporters explodes after the knockout with Roma: Inzaghi and Handanovic in the dock: “That’s enough”

“Like a horror movie that repeats itself every week, that’s enough now”. It is just one of the many outbursts in Nerazzurri colors that scream on social media all the anger and intolerance for the fourth knockout in eight days. Inter fans are struggling to find an explanation for the disastrous start to the season, simply because “absolutely nothing seems to work in this team, from head to legs”, complains one of the many fans immediately after the final whistle at San Siro which marks the 2nd. -1 for Roma. But it doesn’t take much for the fans to identify the first responsible (or presumed) responsible for the black moment in which Inter has fallen: on the one hand the coach, Simone Inzaghi, for whom many invoke the exemption, on the other Handanovic, to whom the clumsy intervention on Dybala’s momentary tie is reproached.


“Unpresentable team. Four defeats in eight games, thirteen goals conceded, yet another big match lost, yet another game lost from an advantageous situation. Season already compromised, game over”, says one of the many disconsolate tweets. But the tones are often over the top and insults abound, children of a widespread feeling of malaise. “What a shame, guys. I am disappointed, embarrassed, embittered. It never comes out ”, complains a fan. “That Inter do something. We do not deserve this destruction “, invokes another passionate”. Then there are those who try to sketch an analysis of what is wrong, however drawing defeatist conclusions: “A very serious defeat because it came against a team that today gave a very bad performance. Objectively worrying situation ”, points out a Nerazzurri fan on Twitter. Another, however, underlines how “the objectives vanished at the beginning of October. A team that, while producing (today), falls into the usual mistakes in defense and construction that lead to losing five times in ten seasonal matches. A team that has no leader on the pitch at all ”, he complains decreeing“ late night for Inter ”.


There are those who look for the problems of this Inter by rewinding the tape, to the point of ruling the “death of this team on the evening of the return derby”, that of the turnaround signed by Giroud. But on one thing the thought is almost unanimous, “Inzaghi has no more excuses”. Many underline the responsibilities of the coach, “from immediate exemption after four defeats all the same. What more must he do to be kicked out ”, asks a fan. Among the main faults attributed to the coach, that of having still insisted on Handanovic. “For the past year, apart from rare occasions, every shot on goal is a goal. For a year, despite this, he has always played the same goalkeeper ”, maliciously points out a fan. And again: “if you go down with Handanovic on the pitch, you know what you get. It is not possible to aspire to certain goals and deploy it. For charity, the fault is not his – the embittered fan says – but that of Inzaghi who ranks him ”. Among the ailments of this Inter, someone points out, “there is a total lack of balance on the pitch and a general problem of head. Many players, starting from the defense – points out a particularly critical fan – suddenly seem like junkies, mistaking simple balls, elementary movements ”. When this is the case, another fan replies, “the fault and responsibility always lie with those who are at the helm of the boat.

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