Inter, how Inzaghi helped Lautaro: the experiment worked. And in Liverpool …

In the match against Salernitana, some tactical shrewdness of the coach helped Toro

Nicolò Barella and Lautaro Martinez are two pillars of Inter. In the last few races they had struggled and the critics had not spared them. From the match against Salernitana, an important response came from both of them. Without forgetting Edin Dzeko, also a bit in the shade, author of a brace. “Nine and ten are numbers that make you dream in football. In the case of Inter they are the hope of getting their hands on the twentieth championship, that of the second star. The nine is Edin Dzeko, 12 goals in the league, the 10 has the grim face of Lautaro Martinez, who canceled Salernitana from San Siro with a hat-trick. They seemed incompatible and instead risk being the most beautiful couple in Serie A“, underlines the Corriere della Sera.

“Until Friday there was a lot of reasoning about the lack of harmony between the two. They help each other, but they don’t always understand each other. Against Salernitana their efforts have been rewarded. The Argentine’s 3-0 came thanks to the assistance of the Bosnian. Inzaghi , a career as a center forward, he understands certain difficulties and has tried some tactical measures to help Lautaro. Dzeko has moved back even more than usual to sew up the game, embellish the plots, favor the insertions of the midfielders and dictate the passage decisive. Lautaro, at the center of the scene, has earned it. The experiment must be repeated with more credible opponents. Maybe Tuesday at Anfield against Liverpool, a tough mountain to climb after the 2-0 first leg “.

“Inzaghi must reflect whether, in the city of the Beatles, to bet on the starting couple or to save one of them for the away match against Torino. The reflections are underway. It will also depend on the reaction of Dzeko, 36 years old on 17 March. , to exhaustion. Sanchez, who hasn’t played even a minute against Salernitana, is ready and pawing. Priority issues. The Champions League is a glittering showcase, but against Juric you can’t go wrong. Certainly Perisic will return to Liverpool, who has overcome muscle fatigue “.

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