Inter, Inzaghi at the press conference before Barcelona in the Champions League

The Nerazzurri coach on the eve of the Champions League match: “Lautaro? Negative tests, but he has to be evaluated. This situation changes with the victories. Dybala? It’s not just me who decides.”

Lautaro Martinez is still in the balance for a starting shirt. Simone Inzaghi confirms this in the press conference on the eve of Inter-Barcelona: “This morning he did an exam in which nothing was highlighted. He closed the match against Roma tired, today he will do a partial training and we will see in what conditions he will be, is to be evaluated”. The Cameroonian goalkeeper will certainly be on the pitch from the start: “Between the posts I will always evaluate from game to game, Onana will play”.

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Both Inzaghi and Matteo Darmian, in a conference with his coach, underline how the match against Barcelona is an opportunity: “This situation changes with the victories – the words of the coach. We face one of the best teams in Europe, that in Monaco. of Bavaria has lost undeservedly if you look at the data. They have very high qualities in all the players, it will take a game of race and determination “. This is obviously a very delicate match, in which Inter will have to grit their teeth: “Barcelona are very strong and complete, they are one of the three teams that offer the best European football, we clearly know the importance of the match and the ranking is open. . The group is prohibitive, but we are Inter and we will try to play it with all our strength. It will be a match of suffering, we will have to be good at limiting them and then hitting them. ” To keep an eye on, in particular, an absolute level player: “They have incredible aggression and ball recovery, they know how to do everything in the possession and non-possession phase, plus this year they have also added Lewandowski who is a great player “.


Looking back, however, Inzaghi’s position with respect to the defeat against Roma does not change: “We know that we are coming from a difficult moment in terms of results, but in my opinion we had a good match on Saturday. In the two goals we put our own , such holes cannot be left, but as far as we have seen we deserved more. We had already paid with Bayern Munich despite a good match: we were not in the game in the key moments like on Sané’s goal and on the offensive opportunities, which were to be exploited better”. As well as individual performances to improve: “Not only Skriniar, we must expect more from everyone, including me. Asllani had a good match against Roma: tomorrow we will see the condition and the line-up, but he is ready to play . Am I at risk? We coaches always depend on results and it is normal to be the first to question. ” Finally, a hint of the renunciation of Paulo Dybala to focus on Joaquin Correa: “It is not me who decides, we have all been in one direction for a year and a half on this side. There is a daily confrontation and the choice has been shared” .


The winger of Inter, sitting next to his coach, demonstrates the clarity and awareness of a true senator. Starting from Romelu Lukaku’s prolonged injury: “He is an important player for us, but his absence must not be an excuse. We are waiting for him because he has to recover and then when he is back he will make his contribution. , we have to be good at making up for his lack. But there are no problems, because we have very strong forwards. ” Also in this case the examination of conscience is evident: “It is true that it is a difficult moment, but we must take our responsibilities and we are called to give more as we take the field”. As if to say, the coach does not play: “In this situation there is little to talk about, we are aware that we must give something more in order not to repeat the same mistakes. It is normal that there are and it happens to everyone to make mistakes, but we must be good at reacting “. Darmian, however, does not accept those who insinuate that Inter are presumptuous: “I know my teammates quite well and I don’t think they are a presumptuous group. They are a united group that wants to get out of this situation as soon as possible. to understand the moments of the match “. Finally, the goal is clear to everyone: “There is a desire to put things right in the shortest possible time. We must be lucid and do what we know how to do without being carried away by the emotion and the moment of the match. More clarity and concentration are needed throughout the game. ” Also because the 90 minutes against Barcelona weigh at least twice as much as usual.

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