Inter, Juventus and Conte return: here are all the reasons for the possible yes

Inter and Juventus are in full crisis of play and results, with the shadow of Antonio Conte in the background. Here are the reasons for the possible return

The fact that Antonio Contefrom the top of the third square of Premier Leaguepostpone the theme of the renewal contractual with the Tottenham it is a signal that must be read and interpreted. It is a potential message to the future that, put like this, can fill the hearts of two Italian fans in identity crisis with their respective coaches, so much so as to acclaim on the net, through their respective channels, the return of the Salento coach.

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It certainly doesn’t take long to find out who we’re talking about, I’m theInter and the Juventus the two teams in crisis of results and with the theme trainer which, more or less openly, is on the bench, at this point even beyond discontent of the fans. Conte both on one side and the other left an important mark, bringing back victories. And this is the reason why his name is topical again, perhaps not only in the intentions of the two fans.

Inter, Juventus and Conte return: here are all the reasons for the possible yes
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He stayed at Juventus for three seasons, always winning the Scudetto in addition to two Italian Super Cups. In the two years with Inter, Conte brought the title of Italian champion back to the Nerazzurri after 11 years. In both cases they arrived two sudden farewells, but the Salento technician is this: if he does not see planning and growth (translated into the choices of transfer market), goes to look for other places to win. And the five national titles won (including the one with the Chelsea) are the clearest emphasis of his winning career.

Allegri and Inzaghi in crisis, Conte’s shadow hovers again

Inter, Juventus and Conte return: here are all the reasons for the possible yes
Conte © LaPresse

Going to analyze his career on the bench, the two years are a bit the time limit that Conte has given himself, with the Juventus as the only exception (there, as mentioned, there were three): he was also two years with the Italian national team as a coach and so with Chelsea. Of course al Tottenham arrived in November 2021 in place of Espirito Santobut the one that will end in June will still be his second season and what’s more with the contract expiring.

The leadership of the Spurs (let’s talk about Fabio Paratici, very close to Conte since Juve) tried to force his hand a little to find a future understanding but the Salento coach continues to postpone. For now in January, We’ll see. It should not be ruled out that a bit of healthy desire is going up A league. Both Inter and Juventus need to give a shock and this is undoubtedly the first effect that is obtained when choosing Conte, even more so in environments where he has already been and who already know him. Of course, the two situations will not have to precipitate first, but for the moment such decisive choices have not yet arrived and they are not even in the pipeline, unless you choose two buffer solutions for wait for June 2023. Perhaps that could be a clue to understand who has already moved to start saying to Conte: “Antonio, come back here and let’s get back together”.

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