Inter, Lukaku out with Rome and Barcelona: he returns with Sassuolo

Perhaps already against theUdinese. No, better not risk it, certainly returns after the break against Roma. Indeed, he starts from the bench to be ready four days later against Barcelona. Difficult, too little time available. Then the Sassuolo, Saturday 8 October. In short, from 29 August onwards – the day of the instrumental exams after the stop in training the previous day – on the conditions of Romelu Lukaku rumors have chased each other. But what really happened? It just happened that the “distraction of the left thigh flexors” turned out to be more serious than expected and the recovery times of the Inter striker were consequently lengthened, thanks to an imposing muscular structure that slowed down the Belgian’s athletic recovery. The rest – the busy schedule of commitments in October and the long shadow of the World Cup November – comes as a consequence: the danger of a relapse with possible heavy repercussions has frozen expectations. Primarily those of Simone Inzaghi.

So? Then you just have to wait and see. Lukaku is certainly better off but continues to carry out personalized work: unless there are unexpected changes in the program, it will continue like this in the next few days. Excluding the return with Roma, it remains difficult to think that he could be with the Barcelona: the 72 hours between one match and the other cannot be enough, certainly they are not enough to believe they can miraculously find him as the protagonist in a very tight Champions League match. Objective then for the following Saturday, against Sassuolo: break-in for the trip to the Camp Nou on 12 October. And in the meantime, Inzaghi just has to wait, hope and rely on Lautaro and Dzeko.

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