Inter-Villarreal, Up & Down – Steps forward for De Vrij and Gosens. Asllani too shy

Second defeat in this one pre-season for Inter, who conceded even four goals in Pescara from Villarreal, decidedly more run-in and more compact than the Nerazzurri. Many, too many mistakes in defense and lack of brilliance in the construction phase led to 2-4 of the Adriatic, so there is no need to make any drama. The championship will start in a week and touching the imperfections of the team will be useful for Simone Inzaghi in the week of preparation for the trip to Lecce. Meanwhile, here are the Up & Down of today’s friendly.


DE VRIJ – After the many criticisms received so far for a physical condition not up to the last commitments, the Dutchman finally shows off one of his convincing performances. Well positioned, good at evading pressure and always punctual in interventions in the areas where he has the duty and the ability to act. He also touches the possible 3-3 with his head. Positive and reassuring note in view of the debut in the league in a week.

GOSENS – I start with the handbrake on, it seems that Foyth can take the measurements also easily. Then, like a diesel, the engine increases the revs and the German begins to be the protagonist especially when he is sought with Dumfries’ cross from the right or with the launch from the rear. A dirty volley that rises slightly and then the assist that deceives Rulli and reaches exactly Lukaku’s head. After the many doubts about his condition, comforting indications for the former Atalanta who just lacks a bit of athletic brilliance.

CALHANOGLU – In the absence of Brozovic he takes the trouble to bend down to help Asllani, especially when the young colleague struggles to unmark. The Turk, on the other hand, has no problems, on the contrary, he has the personality necessary to take the responsibility of receiving in hot areas and getting the action quickly restarted. Good plays also from before, openings to the outsiders and running by moving from play added.

D’AMBROSIO – The added captain enters and plays the charge, raising the center of gravity of the defense and putting his head at the right time to beat Rulli and reopen the match. Immediately positive impact, also for the cmodo in which he plays the role of right arm, giving little to his opponents and making himself free every time Inter moves to the right. Guarantee, even from the bench.


ASLLANI – No rejection, God forbid. For the first time he was called into question in place of Marcelo Brozovic, the main reason why Inter strongly wanted to snatch him from Empoli. A bit ‘of difficulty in unmarking between the yellow lines and play simple enough not to risk too much against a well-placed opponent. So much shyness, then that lost ball that leads to the second goal of the Spaniards and that does not improve the mood of the young Albanian. Until next time, there will be many opportunities.

HANDANOVIC – Five shots, four goals, even this season the contribution under construction fails to combine a positive balance between the posts. Nothing to blame him on 0-1, Pedraza literally catches a joker and slams him in the corner. But on Coquelin’s central right, he frankly lacks the reactivity to oppose a ball that is anything but unattainable. He does not make a better figure on the occasion of the third goal, again by Pedraza. He also likes bad luck on poker. Inter need a goalkeeper who intervenes in a decisive way the few times he is called into question, because everyone is good enough to concede normal goals.

SKRINIAR – He is still not at his best, after all he is in his first game of the season as a starter and has seen the field behind his teammates. It is no coincidence that he struggles more especially in the long run and tends to be more foul than usual. Added to this is the attitude of Villarreal which also denies them the pleasure of going up and lending a hand. The 3-1 goal is the manifesto of his current state: Pedraza gazes and he can do nothing but read him the plate.

DZEKO – He has just over 20 minutes to show off, he plays several balls but frankly hits a few. Indeed, he commits technical inaccuracies not from him and the door is too far away to become dangerous from Rulli’s parts. Usual speech: a physicist like him takes longer than average to settle down at the beginning of the season. But from Saturday there will also be a need for the Bosnian and there will be no more justifications.

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