Inter with Barcelona deserved everything. Inzaghi at the height-

from Mario Sconcerti

The prevailing idea of ​​Inter was Calhanoglu, not exact, not geometric, a passionate playmaker who also scored the decisive goal in the momentum. Napoli plays European football

Inter goes on together with Inzaghi. The importance of the opponent brings the team’s attention back together. The match stifled, Barcelona overrated, Inter understood it quickly enough and gradually grew. There is no show, there is a lot of attention, profession, sense of seriousness. That is, a different Inter that doesn’t even need to be lucky. Barcelona pretends great football, in reality they never shoot, Lewandowski does not have a playable ball, the only scheme give the ball to Dembel, what a terrible narcissus. So when Calhanoglu’s goal arrives, you get the feeling not of surprise, but of a normal stroke of justice. Inter he deserved it all simply by applying. He has had something more than Barcelona all the time, which looks like a team of ten years ago, elegant and light, overall boring, always struggling against tough opponents who do not respect his small beauty.

The prevailing idea of ​​Inter state Calhanoglu, not exact, not geometric, a passionate director who also scored the decisive goal in the momentum. He made the stopper between Pedri and Gavi, constantly closing and then reversing the action. After him Dimarco, then De Vrij who did not leave a ball to Lewandowski. Especially Inzaghi played it well, calm on the bench, for once above events. Not a genius, but a good coach. He did not deserve all the faults of a team that ignored him.

Meanwhile, Napoli finds its greatest achievement in the history of its travels to Europe. the ease of play of the current Napoli against any opponent is impressive. Ajax attacked him man on man, Napoli did not turn a corner, he gradually, calmly and class, surpassed man after man. Right now he plays non-Italian football, one step ahead. But all of Europe to be shaken by the news. They are staying out Atletico, Barcelona, ​​Ajax, Juve, Chelsea, Liverpool suffer a lot. as if there was a great desire to start over. Let’s see if it is true.

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