Inter, Zhang and the 100 million capital: “From the transfer market to renewals, what’s behind it”

Over 100 million euros of fresh capital for Inter. . What’s behind Zhang’s decision? La Gazzetta dello Sport unveils it today

Over 100 million euros of fresh capital for Inter. The exact figure will be clear within a month, but Inter president Steven Zhang prepare the surgery. What’s behind this decision? He unveils it today The Gazzetta dello Sport:

If an intervention by the property was needed, to reassure an electrical environment and also a changing room that some uncertainty had seized it, here it is. The shareholder loan, which will then be converted into capital, obviously covers the current season. Inter are far from being a self-financing club. And so it will at least until the revenues of the new stadium arrive to increase revenues. Last summer, then, the millions expected from the sales did not arrive from the market: those of Pinamonti and Casadei were not enough to hit the target. This explains why Zhang’s intervention, which has the practical effect of normalizing current management and giving management leeway. Of course, room for maneuver does not mean extra-budget for purchases. But to think about renewals (there is not only Skriniar expiring, it also applies to De Vrij), this yes “it is read.

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