Interest rates in Poland. When is the MPC decision?

According to most economists – everything points to another hike. Let us recall that the first interest rate hike this year took place in October, and the second one in November. Overall, the main interest rate increased from 0.1 percent. up to 1.25 percent But this is not the end.

“In the domestic market, the highlight of the week will be the MPC decision meeting on Wednesday, at which the third consecutive NBP interest rate hike is widely expected. the reference rate will increase by 50bp, but neither a more cautious decision (25bp), nor a more decisive move (75-100bp) cannot be ruled out“- assess the economists of PKO BP.

He points to further increases in interest rates, inter alia, a change in the rhetoric of the head of the central bank, Adam Glapiński, who maintained for many months that inflation in Poland was temporary. Recently, however, he has changed his rhetoric.

– Inflation is not temporary, inflation is burdensome. We will try to bring it down to the minimum levels, but not at the expense of high unemployment, Glapiński said on Wednesday.

To what level can interest rates in Poland rise? “According to the current market valuation the NBP rate may reach a peak in this cycle at the level of approx. 3%., which seems to us to be quite a possible scenario, as long as the economic situation is not disturbed by some new unexpected shock “, assess Santander Bank Polska economists.

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