‘Interesting voice, I like it’: The Weeknd sings with a fan during his concert in Munich and the result is… catastrophic (VIDEO)

Unusual moment in Germany, this Friday August 4th. The Weeknd was in the middle of a concert at the Olympiastadion in Munich when he saw a fan holding up a sign, asking him to sing with her.

The artist then rushed to meet him and this gave a very funny sequence, seen by millions of Internet users already.

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Diana is a big fan of Abel, aka The Weeknd, and she had only one goal when she went to one of his concerts: to sing with him in front of more than 70,000 people. This dream came true thanks to his “Sing with me” sign. In full performance of the song “Out of Time”, the artist saw the poster and decided to accept Diana’s request.

Only, perhaps with the long hours of waiting and fatigue, Diana’s vocal performance didn’t live up to the occasion, delivering a rather disconcerting duet with The Weeknd. Nevertheless, the singer showed great delicacy and great tact: “Interesting voice, I like it”he reacted with a smile.

On Instagram, Diana reacted to the many comments with humor and lightness: “I didn’t even know I could sing/shout like that”she laughs. “I should start my singing career”she adds.

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