International day of interns: films to see

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The international day of interns – conceived by the InternsGoPro association and the European Youth Forum – is celebrated on 10 November each year, to focus attention on the protection of the internship tool, but also and above all of the trainees. In the world of cinema there are several films that have dealt with the theme: here is a selection of the most famous.

The pursuit of happiness


Gabriele Muccino, the best films of the director

The pursuit of happinessof 2006, is one of the most famous films that tells the difficulties encountered in the world of work, including internships. The film, directed by Gabriele Muccino, is set in the San Francisco of the 80s, where Chris Gardner (Will Smith), a brilliant salesman, tries to ensure a fulfilling life for his wife and child. He has invested all of his savings into the purchase of many scanners that detect bone density, but, contrary to his expectations, the sales are unsuccessful. Left by his wife, Chris finds himself alone with his son to look after. But he does not give up and decides to enter as an unpaid intern in an important financial company, hoping to be hired at the end of the internship. The company is looking for a broker to be included in its staff and only at the end of the apprenticeship, lasting 6 months, only one of the 20 participants will get the job. Will Chris be able to change his life and his prospects?


We cannot fail to mention then Interns, from 2013, in which Shawn Levy directs actors Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Nick and Billy work as salespeople, but their company goes bankrupt. Thus they find themselves out of work. The difficulties in finding a new job are many, but in the end an internship offer arrives that the two accept because it gives the possibility to be hired after a trial period. What they don’t know, however, is that Google’s probationary period involves a competition between interns for who better understands the company’s values. Will they be able to get hired?

The unexpected intern

2015, The unexpected intern, is an ironic film about the world of internships and those who have to deal with them in old age. The film, directed by Nancy Meyers, gathers a cast with stars of the caliber of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. Ben (De Niro), a seventy-year-old retired and widower, wants to occupy the time and fill his life that he now considers empty. He finds the opportunity he’s looking for when he intercepts an unusual senior internship program sponsored by the start-up About The Fit. Ben is assigned the role of assistant to the company’s founder, Jules (Hathaway), who is 40 years younger than him. After some inevitable initial clashes, a bond of respect and esteem will be born between the two.

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