International Human Resource Day is observed on 20 May.

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International Human Resource Day is observed on 20 May, which aims to recognize the work done by professionals working in this field. Their contribution of value is decisive, not only for the organization in which they operate, but also for society as a whole, as it has great potential to improve people’s well-being and quality of life.

In this context, five prominent personalities in the field of disability, all ambassadors of the Foundation adeco, Professionals working in the field of Human Resources have joined efforts to send a message. is about Pablo Pineda, the first European graduate with Down syndrome; Carmen Giménez, Paralympic athlete; Javi Martin, a theater actor who recently revealed his mental health problems; avi mashiahCoach and Caterina Moretti with Congenital Physical Disabilities,’influencer‘With Down syndrome. It is not the first time that these five ambassadors have come together for a common mission: they have already done so in awareness campaigns #ThePowerOfExamplerealized in a calendar that shared the inspiring stories of people with disabilities.

Through #EncuentrosPorLaDiversidadThe above mentioned ambassadors collaborate with the social mission of Adecco Foundation on day to day basis #EmploymentForAllPeopleTaking their testimony in all levels and sectors of companies with the aim of breaking down barriers and stereotypes and supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities, a mission that they want to promote within the framework of the International Human Resources Day, sending these departments message to

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