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Gone are the days when video games were considered a niche hobby reserved mostly for nerds and teenagers. By now video games are the primary form of entertainment for millions of people in the world and celebrities are no different. From Joe Biden to Mila Kunis, passing through Drake, Snoop Dogg and Henry Cavill, there are many VIPs who love to play video games, also proudly declaring it. Even celebrities with busy schedules and events dedicate a few hours a week to video games, thanks to the great diversity of the industry that truly has something for all tastes, as this Vanity Fair article points out.

Joe Biden
Of the 46th president of the United States we know that he has a great passion for dogs, ice cream and Ray-Bans. What not everyone knows, however, is that he is also passionate about video games and especially about Mario Kartof which he has often demonstrated that he is also very good.

Mila Kunis
The actress and model married to Ashton Kutcher and famous voice of Meg of the Griffins is an irreducible gamer. Huge fan of World of WarcraftKunis managed to earn an easter egg in the Legion expansion with an NPC dedicated to her.

Elijah Wood
The memorable Frodo from The Lord of the Rings loves to spend his free time playing Animal Crossing and socializing on the game’s virtual islands with his fans.

Samuel L. Jackson
The actor from Pulp Fiction and other unforgettable films has not only always loved video games, but has often lent his voice to titles, such as GTA San Andreas. Jackson has never hidden his passion for video games and although he started early with pong on Atari e Space Invaderstoday he dedicates his little free time to GTA, call of Duty, Fallout and Assassin’s Creed.

Daniel Craig
The actor who has lent his face to James Bond in the last ten years has often spoken in his interviews of the passion he has for video games. His favorites? Adrenaline-pumping games like Halo and GTA: Vice City. Craig has also voiced some titles inspired by the James Bond saga and seems to have challenged himself with some levels of Quantum of Solace during the making of the game.

Henry Cavill
The actor interpreter of Superman does not only play the role of Geralt of The Witcher, but also loves participating in the quests of the video game of the same name, such as these mentioned by our RPGItalia team. Cavill is however known for his great passion for World of Warcraft and in an interview he declared that he prefers to stay at home and play video games, rather than go out and party.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg’s great passion for video games is known to the general public. The Californian rapper loves to play live at Call of Duty Warzone, although he’s not known for his streaming skills on his DoggyDog20 channel. Besides COD Snoop Dogg also loves spending time playing madden.

Drake is not only known for always being in some musical top ten but also for his passion for the game Fortnite, which he shares with friends in the recording studio between recordings. He is not only a fan of the video game, but also a streamer with hundreds of followers.

Not just video games: here are the stars who love other types of games
To relieve the stress of work and fame, many VIPs prefer other forms of entertainment, such as poker, burraco and other casino games. For example, among the local celebrities who love the ancient game of burraco, we find first of all the TV presenter Alessia Marcuzzi, then singers of the caliber of Katia Ricciarelli and Laura Pasini, as well as the fascinating Raoul Bova.

Among Hollywood actors, on the other hand, the love for poker is well known, especially the online one. In fact, superstars like Matt Damon and George Clooney love to indulge in a game at online casinos from time to time. And they are not alone. Former Roma captain Francesco Totti and Mara Maionchi also love a quick match of poker to ease their nerves. Who knows if they too follow Vegas Slots Online’s advice when it comes to choosing the most reliable ADM online casinos and poker platforms. This portal is a reliable guide in Italy for all those looking for safe slots, poker and other casino games, which also offers advice on bonuses and payment methods and everything related to the world of online gambling.

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