Internet of Behavior: What is it and why will it take over 2022?

Internet of Things is a concept first used in 1999 by entrepreneur Kevin Ashton, who defined it as a digital network formed by interconnected objects while simultaneously connecting to the physical world. It may sound a bit like science fiction, but I can assure you that IoT has been in our lives for a long time. In fact, all you need to do is connect your smartphone with a smartwatch, computer or TV. For this some wireless headphones, a home router and we already have quite a lot connection between devices. More and more often you can meet in homes with an Alexa virtual assistant and a camera or lighting system that can be managed from the level of mobile device.

Internet of Behaviours uses information obtained by devices operating in the IoT network, collects data, analyzes it and creates a pattern for our behavior. In this way, the collected information can be used to create products and services that are improved in terms of customer habits. IoB is mainly based on behavioral psychology, i.e. human reaction to specific stimuli.

This technique will allow you to obtain data about users that would be almost impossible to obtain otherwise. Therefore, it can be said that the creation of IoT is due to hardware, which allows devices to connect freely, but in the case of IoB, the main function will be software that will collect and analyze data and pass it on. Experts believe that in 2022 we can expect widespread use of the notion of the internet of behavior.

It’s not like that information about consumer habits have never been harvested. After all, websites are becoming more and more user-oriented in terms of user experience (UX). For this purpose, data on how much time we spend on a given page and what we click on it is used.

A popular method, if somewhat outdated, is to gather information about consumer habits by conducting online and telephone surveys. However, none of these techniques can provide as accurate and as much data as it can internet behavior.

Of course, the prevalence of IoB will have many undeniable benefits. The services and products will be much better tailored to the needs of consumers.

Marketing agencies are already acquiring and analyzing customer data, but they do not have access to a lot of information that may soon be at their fingertips. You know this watch that shows you your heart rate and blood pressure? These parameters are also measured when you look at the screen of your smartphone. This way, your body’s response to stimuli displayed on the screen.

Internet of Behaviours it will undeniably create a customer market to which everything will be tailored. It will mean the real boom of UX (user experience). All websites will be optimized with the convenience of consumers in mind.

Already now in some establishments you can find RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification systems), used, for example, to check whether employees have washed their hands after leaving the toilet. In conjunction with the monitoring system, management can control whether the restrictions introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic are respected. The data obtained by IoB can also be used to maintain public order.

Of course, all the aforementioned advantages can be turned into threats. You can already meet with the opinions of experts that IoB is “Pandora’s Box”. The first threat that comes to mind is lack of privacy and violation of human rights. If information about each traffic is passed on, this can lead to a number of abuses.

There may also be doubts as to where the data about our habits goes and how it is protected. No user is likely to be directly informed about what is happening with the information obtained about him. What’s more, servers collecting this data would be a very tasty morsel for hackers.

Even adapting products and services to the habits of consumers may not always be positive. Often, the sales success turns out to be something completely non-obvious. If we always get the goods we need, there will be no room for products that we do not know we need. IoB can also leave us inundated with hundreds of similar-looking websites.

The Internet of behavior raises ethical questions in the first place. Data now internet users and mobile devices are used by corporations for marketing purposes, and IoB will additionally increase their impact on our everyday life. Therefore, it is necessary to consider where a thick line should be drawn as a sign “no further going”. Or maybe we have missed this moment and there is no turning back?

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