INTERVIEW TC – Ghirelli: “Campobasso? Risk of postponement if you decide on the 25th. I hope it is not for the holidays … “


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The presentation of the calendars postponed to a later date. This was yesterday’s news in Serie C: a few hours after having drawn up the groups, the Lega Pro had to deal with the decision of the Council of State, which suspended the exclusion from the championship of the Campobasso. We talked about it on TMW And AllC with the president Francesco Ghirelli: “The decree of the President of the Sect. Fifth of the Council of State, Luciano Barra Caracciolo, has provided to ‘temporarily suspend the applicant’s non-admission (License) to the Championship (Campobasso Calcio), in view of the council chamber of 25 August 2022, in which the precautionary request may be examined collectively, in due contradiction “. The Lega Pro was obliged to take note of this and consequently to postpone the compilation of the Serie C 2022/2023 Championship Calendars to a later date ”.

A bolt from the blue.

“We respect the provision but we cannot fail to highlight that the Lega Pro clubs have suffered very significant damage, in particular if the date of August 25th is confirmed. the start of the championship should be postponed for August 28th. The timing of decisions must respect the needs of companies, in this case sixty football clubs. If this does not happen, it causes serious economic damage as well as image damage. This affair raises the question that will have to be addressed with the new government that will arise from the elections of September 25th: a regulation of the justice bodies must be required that does not penalize the football product, the decisions must be scheduled so that the start of the championships is safeguarded. . Why can’t the meeting of the State Council be brought forward? Today we are at the 5th of August. Why must we arrive at 25 August? Is it a vacation problem? I hope not, as there is a very serious economic damage at stake for sixty club-companies ”.

What is your idea of ​​the measure?

“I allow myself a judgment on the merits of the motivation behind the decree of President Luciano Barra Caracciolo, first, the failure to comply with having complied with the payments cannot have as justification the crisis gripping Italy. Are the sixty teams that are in good standing stupid because they paid? In previous years, the Council of State pronounced itself substantially opposite to today’s decision, what has changed? In the Italian productive apparatus, if a company fails, there is no body that intervenes to keep it alive ”.

At this point, everything is linked to the timing of the council chamber.

“I conclude by hoping that the terms will be shortened and a meeting of the Council of State is scheduled in time to start the championship on the fixed date, avoiding very serious damage”.

If then the Council of State were to accept the appeal of Campobasso, the scenario would be that of a Serie C with 61 teams. Also 62, considering Teramo …

“If something like this happens, the only thing we can do is answer like Garibaldi: I obey.”

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