Interview with Vialli: “we will Give more space to solidarity. The disease? I’m lucky…”

The former striker and coach, talks to the Republic. And it is an interview open heart: “When football will start again we will have to give more space to solidarity. Scudetto to Juve? No, not this one. Not after what is happening. The sacrifice should be supported by all, not only by the athletes”. On his terms: “For me, the disease is a journey, a path of introspection. I almost feel lucky”.

Republic – Interview with Vialli: “we will Give more space to solidarity. The disease? I’m lucky…”

“In December, I concluded seventeen months of chemotherapy, a cycle of eight months and another nine. It was hard, even for a tough cookie like me. Lasts, from the point of view of physical and mental health. The examinations have not shown any signs of illness. I am happy, even if I say it in a whisper. It means to see well again in the mirror, look at the hairs that will grow back, not having to draw your eyebrows with pencil. At this time, it may seem strange, but I feel almost lucky compared to so many people. In my case it is a journey. A path of introspection, an opportunity. The disease is an experience of which I would have done without, but it is successful and then I try to put it to good use. You become what you are.”

On the football and the resumption of the championships: “We will have to give more space to solidarity: no fences higher, but the tables longer. Football clubs should also be platforms for social development, a shared place from which to start. Even outside the football. I would like to that the famous phrase “what counts is health” became a very central point. I would not accept any cut to the public health. I hope that’s not collapsed and more bridges, and that the security of the people became a priority. I would like there to ribellassimo these cities full of smog that kills: and someone had even made fun of that beautiful girl, Greta (Thunberg, ndr)”.

The assignment of the scudetto to Juventus? “No, not this one. Not after what is happening. If you will be able to close the season in any way, in total safety, good. Otherwise, better not to award the title”.

“You should forget about the personal interests and selfishness, although I understand the presidents struggling with a crisis never seen. Someone to force things will put us back. A mistake not to commit is the hurry. You may have confidence in the skills of those who are and tell us what to do: pray that they know it really. And you come back to the field only when doctors and experts say that it can, even if I wish it. But in the meantime, we need an act of general liability, beyond the emergency of the entire system. The European? Will have one more year to feel really in Club Italia, in order to feel more strong and not turning to the bench, that is, to Roberto (Mancini, ndr), when things are going badly. A year of growth will serve “.

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