“Invasion in Qatar the last dance. They freed me immediately, I’ll tell you what happened”

Naples Football – Mario Ferri Il Falco, who invaded the field in Portugal-Uruguay, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione on 1 Station Radio. Below is an excerpt collected by the editorial staff of IlSognoNelCuore.com.

Is there air conditioning inside the facilities?

“It’s shocking, they have the habit of lowering the temperature so much. Inside the stadiums, people wore very warm clothes, I don’t understand why the temperature continues to be lowered”.

Is Ronaldo still up to playing at a high level?

“Maybe it’s God… he has a biological age of 27-28. He went through a difficult period, he didn’t enjoy anyone’s trust. He’s a human being, if you don’t trust him, you don’t give 100%. He had against In the entire environment of United, the problem of the decline has been conditioned by this moment. But it’s still him, but also Ibra. The biological age of these champions has lengthened.”

Explanation of the invasion?

“It was ‘The last dance’, I did about 15 of them, especially many years ago in the two-year period 2010-12. I wanted to send messages in which I believed so much. First of all, “Sava Ukraine”, it is essential to save this country. As soon as the war started, I was on the spot, it was something hallucinating. I hear many people, some have decided to return, even if the problem still persists in some areas. Other messages were related to Iran, where situations similar to those in Ukraine occur. They told me wrote so many Iranians, one cannot believe this dictatorship in force in 2022. They are people who exclusively seek freedom, a fundamental right, which is absolutely denied in that regime”.

Change of international rules regarding invasions?

“It happened because of me, because of the many invasions carried out in many competitions… those 20-30 seconds live have never interested me, because I prefer people to understand the message conveyed. A few days before the invasion during Portugal- Uruguay, I met a head of photographers from some agencies. This person warned his staff of my invasion, I prepared myself for those 20 seconds essential to launch my messages. Some very beautiful photos were taken”.

What were the consequences of the latest invasion? Treatment received?

“Many people believe it is dangerous, but I want to dispel a myth. They treated me very well, they were kind. Gianni Infantino’s intervention was decisive, because my gesture risked unleashing international chaos. They freed me immediately, under Gianni’s advice, but if I had still been there a lot of controversy would have arisen. When he got off, the president looked like a ‘robot’, he approached with a smile and recognized me. ‘You don’t want to find your girlfriend’, he told me I said. As soon as I saw Gianni, I was reassured and he suggested an idea to help me”.

Serious decrees or measures?

“I got the daspo from Qatar, I won’t be able to attend the matches that will be played in the country. My invasion to reach Higuain is famous, after the betrayal at Napoli”. Who will win the Scudetto? “Necessarily Napoli, I’m fond of this team. I hope they can win the tricolor, this city is a piece of my heart”.

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