Invasion of Mosquitoes, but is the Climate to Blame? The situation and what we can do to protect ourselves

In recent months there has been an anomalous invasion of mosquitoes, a phenomenon that worries the scientific world.

Never like this year we have had coexistence problems with the “classics” summer insects. Everyone talks about abnormal heat, but maybe that’s not the only one responsible.

Invasion of Mosquitoes

Definitely this year attention to problems caused by some insects is increased. Also and above all by the population. The mosquitoes they are part, as it were, of the “summer tradition” and have never represented a big problem. We think that even, until a few years ago, there were not even the comfortable repellents that we use today.

But the massive reproduction of mosquitoeshowever, it is raising alarm, especially because they are with it increasing also cases of diseases associated with lotus stings. Some of these diseases can greatly damage human health. Let’s talk about West Nile virus, Chikungunya and Dengue. And, as we have read in the chronicle of recent months, they have involved many people and some deaths have also occurred.

The phenomenon must be said that it is not exactly new to the scientific world. Already in 2009 a “Regional Entomological Surveillance Plan for West Nile Disease (WND)“. There are also active special traps to catch insects that transmit the terrible disease.

Invasion of Mosquitoes, but is the Climate to Blame?

In addition to the WND surveillance and control plan, there are others realities that monitor the growth in the number and species of mosquitoes. Even of that Tiger, the note Aedesheld responsible for transmitting chikungunya, dengue and zika. And also an infection in the petsthat it can reach man albeit a lot rarely.

We know that the Tiger mosquito is reached us through trade. Of course, it then found a warm-humid climate suitable enough to allow it to proliferate.

And it is during the data collection of these studies on the Aedes that even another species of mosquito has been found, never seen in Italy and considered very invasive. The facts date back to a few years ago, so “nothing new”, but the phenomenon has raised some questions. There mosquito in question is called “Korean”and the surprising thing is that it was found in areas where temperatures are low and where there are generally no other mosquitoes.

So, at least in this case, the anomalous rise in temperatures did not affect the spread of these mosquitoes. Most likely they came as the Aedesthrough the global movements of people and goods. On this new species of mosquitoes, however, laboratory studies are continuing understand if it can be a carrier of diseases.

Another reason why we have to “fight mosquitoes even until Christmas” is that these insects they fit perfectly. They die when the outside temperature drops below 10 degrees. But they take refuge in cellars, boiler rooms and garages, protecting yourself from the cold. That is why their number seems to be growing more and more.

The current situation, and what we can do to protect ourselves

Both the population than the single ones Administrations Municipalities are doing everything to defend themselves from mosquitoes. In some cases, for example, disinfestations are triggered, decided on the basis of the individual territorial situation. The peopleinstead, they use products available on the market, such as repellents and insecticides.

But unfortunately there is the flip side of the coin. The mosquitoes after a while’ get addicted and get used to the smells of chemicals. Just like it happens to us humans with some medicines, just to understand each other. So in a short time we find ourselves all over again.

We can adopt some “bland” strategy but that certainly can help. First we must eliminate any stagnation of water which is located near our house. Saucers, for example, but also leaking pipes and watering cans. We need to know that a “trickle” of water is really enough for the Tiger Mosquito reproduceunlike other species that need more consistent “pools”.

We can too take advantage of the smell of some plants, such as geranium, to keep them away. And also wear light-colored clothingbecause mosquitoes are notoriously attracted to dark colors.

Another “weapon” comes to us from Nature. Swallows and Bats are natural enemies of mosquitoes. If we cannot “raise Swallows” we could put houses for bats in our gardens or balconies, Bat-Box, encouraging them to visit our homes. To attract them to the houses, we can cultivate those plants that make flowers that bloom at night. Such as “the beauty of the night” (Mirabilis jalapa), the ipomoea-alba or “flower of the moon”, the rincospermo, the datura, the honeysuckle or the nicotiana-alata.

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