Inzaghi comes out of the corner with the humility that was lacking. Is it the spark?

Simone Inzaghi, in a single blow, sweeps away the increasingly insistent rumors of exemption and hopes to have given the decisive turning point to his Inter season. “Perhaps the longest, most intense and controversial days of Inzaghi the coach have passed: with a victory as painful as it is noble and sweet, Simone has come out of the dark corner in which he had hunted – writes the Gazzetta dello Sport -. The light is not so far away if you are looking for it and the Inter coach understood it yesterday. “

“It wasn’t beauty, however, that brought him back to the surface, but humilitywhich had often been lacking in the last period: she had not seen herself in the amazing statements before the matches and on the pitch in the strange collective hysteria that had led the Nerazzurri not to understand each other, to scream at each other and to wave beyond the allowed – underlines the rosy -. None of this was seen yesterday because the team has returned to being a granite block, a single body in defense of the Piave line. If this is the spark that will turn the machine back on, it is too early to say, but a result of this level, against an opponent of this lineage, allows you to take the train ticket to Reggio Emilia with a very different mood. “The aba of a new beginning .

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