Inzaghi’s former mental coach: “He’s a champion, here’s how he reacted”

Word to the former mental coach of the Nerazzurri coach

Among the architects of the European enterprise signed yesterday evening byInter with the arithmetic approach to the second round of the Champions League, there is obviously Simone Inzaghi. In his second year on the Nerazzurri bench, the coach successfully passed the group stage for the second consecutive time. A goal that seemed unattainable at a certain point in the season, when the team was struggling to find results and performances.

A moment from which Inzaghi it came out, thanks to the careful analysis carried out on the mistakes made in the first weeks of the new vintage. In this regard, Sandro Corapi – his great friend and former mental coach – he told the microphones of his experience with the coach: “Simone is a very humble and thoughtful person, he is a great professional, he takes great care of the various dynamics of the preparation of the match, of the team. He cares a lot about the mood of the locker room, I was sure when I said he is a champion and he would answer on the field. And that’s what happened. ”

Corapi, underlining the great skills of the coach of theInter, explained how Inzaghi came out of a moment that seemed very complicated for his team: “Simone has concentrated, he has certainly communicated in a different way with the players and the players have followed him. We have finally seen a team reaction and when there is a group reaction and not an individual one, with the champions he has the Inter, it’s clear that the performance comes out “.

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