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I am revenge: where to watch movies in streaming

About I am revenge Filippo Zoratti on specifies: “It would be really absurd to think that the careers of great actors are made up only of unforgettable operas and films, those for which they are known by the general public. In truth, minor projects abound and the reasons can be truly varied. Supporting an anomalous lifestyle by accepting any script, then keeping the name alive despite the best of it, trying to become new reference points of a genre by cutting out previously precluded spaces. Two examples are Nicolas Cage and Robert De Niro while the third person that comes to mind is John Travolta struggling with the action subcategory of the revenge movie “. Io sono vendetta airs in prime time on Italia 1, click here for the trailer video. Click here to watch the movie live on MediasetPlay.

I am revenge, flop at the box office

I am revenge it was a flop at the box office. In fact, this film was made with a budget of around 18 million dollars. However, the total box office and market takings were around $ 2 million. It is one of John Travolta’s worst films from a commercial point of view. Critics have also panned this film. Not surprisingly, on the American review portal Rotten Tomatoes, this film obtained the score of 9% of positive judgments given to the film. According to some experts, this film mixes different genres and turns out to be far too confusing.

The result, therefore, is a mix of scenes that does not satisfy those who are lovers of action but not even those looking for a more serious film with a political meaning behind it. In the cast of the film we also find Sam Trammell in the role of Detective Gibson voiced in the Italian version by Christian Iansante. Trammell’s career has starred with great directors such as Roxann Dawson, Katt Shea, Joan Chen and Josh Boone.

Io sono vendetta, Italy 1 film directed by Chuck Russell

I am revenge goes on the air today, April 8, give her 21:20 hours on Italy 1. It is a film that debuted in international cinemas in 2016 and belongs to the thriller, noir and action genres. The director of this film turns out to be Chuck Russell while the screenplay was written by Paul Sloan.

Within the cast of the film there are several famous actors such as John Travolta, Christopher Meloni, Amanda Schull, Rebecca De Mornay, Sam Trammell, Asante Jones, Jordan Whalen and Doris Morgado. The music for this film was made by Haim Mazar while the photography was curated by Andrzej Sekula.

I am vengeance, the plot of the film: a murdered wife

We read the plot of I am revenge. Stanley Hill is a former Special Forces member who lives in Columbus, Ohio. One day, during a parking lot robbery, Stanley’s wife is killed. Pain tears apart the man who can no longer recover. However, those who committed the robbery are caught by the police. Stanley witnesses the trial of the guilty confident in the American justice system. However, the robber is released because there is no evidence that exists.

At this point, Stanley realizes that he has to do himself justice. For this reason, he contacts his old partner Dennis and decides that he must return to being a member of the special forces, this time in an unofficial way. In this way Stanley sets out on the trail of the evildoers, but will come to discover some disconcerting truths. In fact, behind a robbery that seemed apparently casual, there is a plot that also involves the governor of the state. However, Stanley seems determined to continue on his way and will not stop until he finds what satisfies him: revenge on those who killed his beloved wife.

The video of the trailer “I am a revenge”


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