iPhone 13 mini in 2024: Is it an interesting choice?

We break down the pros and cons of buying an iPhone 13 mini in 2024

iPhone 13 mini in 2024: Is it an interesting choice?
iPhone 13 mini is still a very decisive smartphone

Apple sells a variety of phones to suit the needs of all consumers.From high-end smartphones like iPhone 15 Pro Max to More affordable versions, like the iPhone 13 mini. However, given the vast variety, it’s only logical that there is some confusion about which iPhone model to buy in 2024.

So if you’re considering buying an iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini, you might be interested in knowing all the pros and cons of these iPhone versions. The fact is that these models were not a huge success in the market and Apple has considered stopping marketing such phones.

Read on to discover all the pros and cons Buy iPhone 13 mini in 2024. Is this model worth buying?

iPhone 13 mini current price

forward A thorough analysis of the iPhone 13 mini’s features to find out if this smartphone is really worth buying in 2024Or not, you must first indicate what your current price is.

Let’s see, when the iPhone 13 mini comes out Basic price 809 euros September 2021. Over the years, the iPhone 13 mini, like many other electronic devices, has gradually lost value.

Currently, consumers who want to buy iPhone 13 mini in 2024 can go through The price is around 700 or 750 euros Its 128 GB storage variant.

Other options, such as the 256 GB iPhone 13 mini, cost around 780 euros on Amazon.This is a phone that doesn’t have much of a refurbishment market Hard to find cheaper in other stores. In fact, Apple no longer sells the iPhone 13 mini, but it will continue to sell the iPhone 13 in 2024 at a price of about 740 euros.

iPhone 13 mini(128GB)

iPhone 13 mini(128GB)

iPhone 13 mini release date

Apple iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini screen is 5.4 inches

Another factor to consider before buying an iPhone 13 mini in 2024 is the age of the terminal.In this case, with iPhone 13 mini, consumers should forget all their worries, because This is a fairly new iPhone model..

Apple officially launches iPhone 13 mini on the same day September 14, 2021. It has been 2 years and a few months since its launch, so we are looking for a terminal that will continue to offer substantial update cycles for at least 3 years.

In addition, due to Excellent synergy between hardware and software, both designed by Apple. It delivers great performance in iOS 17 and is fully ready for iOS 18.

iPhone 13 mini technical specifications

Are you planning to buy an iPhone 13 mini in 2024? In this case, you should memorize all the technical specifications of the terminal.

iPhone 13 mini has a processor A15 Bionic accompanied by 4 GB RAM.Its small screen size is 5.4 inches And has OLED technology.Includes a capacity battery 2406 mAh And there are the following versions: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB Storage.

Below we have detailed all the features of the technical specifications related to the Apple iPhone 13 mini hardware:

iPhone 13 mini
Screen Super Retina XDR OLED display
screen size 5.4 inches
processor A15 Bionic
storage 128GB, 256GB and 512GB
Front camera 12 Mpx TrueDepth camera with Face ID sensor
rear camera 12 Mpx wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle dual cameras
Connectivity Wireless networks and 5G
color Green, Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight White and Product (Red)
Battery 2406 mAh
autonomy 17 hours of video playback
Dimensions and weight 13.15 x 6.42 x 0.76 cm and 140 g
basic price 809 euros

Is the 2024 iPhone 13 mini worth buying?

certainly.Despite its small size, it exceeds every consumer’s preference iPhone 13 mini is still one of the most advanced phones on the market. It performs impeccably and gets at least 3 more years of software updates.

Now we can enter Is such a small iPhone worth buying?. It depends on each user’s needs. But at the operational level, the iPhone 13 mini is very efficient and decisive.

Its processor holds up well to the latest software updates. Their cameras provide great results. The only downside is the screen size, which may be a bit short for many users.

iPhone 13 mini

Reasons to buy iPhone 13 mini in 2024

  • This is a very cost-effective mobile phone.
  • Its camera module provides excellent photography results.
  • Its processor provides very good performance for iOS.

Reasons to buy iPhone 13 mini in 2024

  • Its battery does not have as much autonomy as the larger models.
  • The iPhone 13 mini may not be the right size for typing on the keyboard or running apps.

Other alternatives to iPhone 13 mini

If the iPhone 13 mini doesn’t convince you, you can always choose another alternative with a higher-powered processor or a larger screen.

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is one of the best alternatives to the iPhone 13 mini that you can buy in 2024.Its price range is About 680 euros On Amazon it has a processor A15 Bionic and larger OLED screens 6.1 inches.

iPhone 13 (128GB)

iPhone 12 mini

Another of the most interesting alternatives on the market is the iPhone 12 mini, a smartphone with very similar characteristics to the iPhone 13 mini, but at a cheaper price.On Amazon it costs approx. 650 euros It’s also a very capable iPhone. Of course, the base option only has 64 GB of storage.

iPhone 12 mini(64GB)

iPhone 14

Our final choice is Apple’s next-generation iPhone 14 phone.Maybe it has better value for money because it’s a more advanced iPhone model with a processor A16 Bionica screen organic light emitting diode of 6.1 inches and longer batteries.Its price is at Between 750 and 800 euros.

iPhone 14 (128GB)

really, Apple’s iPhone 13 mini is still a responsive and full-featured smartphone. Its design is beautiful, and its performance remains impeccable today after the latest iOS update. Without a doubt, this is a highly recommended product to buy in 2024.

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