iPhone 14 coming in September: for Apple the sales volumes will not change

The month of September we are approaching is the one during which, historically, Apple announces the new family of smartphones from the iPhone series. It will be the same in this 2022 with the series iPhone 14for which the American company expects high sales volumes comparable to those of the predecessor iPhone 13 despite the global economic context.

Bloomberg, in fact, highlights how Apple has asked its suppliers to maintain production volumes in line with what has been done with the iPhone 13 in the last 12 months: this implies having an initial volume of new generation smartphones available equal to about 90 million piecesto be sold in fact during the last 3 months of the year also thanks to the typical demand for the Christmas station.


If this objective is kept by the facts Apple will have been able to complete sales of approximately 220 million smartphones in 2022, a volume in line with that recorded last year. This would be a very interesting result, taking into account the fact that the smartphone market recorded a 9% contraction in sales in the second quarter of 2022 and is expected at an average negative value of around 3.5% for the entire year. 2022 compared to what was achieved in 2021.

Apple’s forecasts therefore move against the trend and they are even more significant considering that the American company’s smartphones are typically the most expensive ones on the market. All this in one year, 2022, which is characterized by numerous difficulties of an economic nature for retailers and manufacturing companies: the first called to operate in a market heavily influenced by the general economic crisis in progress, and the second with the difficulties of procurement of the components necessary for the construction of its products.

Apple seems to focus on the demand expected from a loyal clientelewilling to face a higher purchase cost than the corresponding operating system-based models Google Android. All Android smartphone manufacturers, on the other hand, have revised their estimates for the year in light of the sales difficulties recorded in the first half of 2022, waiting for the global economic climate to improve, pushing consumers to increase their purchases of technology.

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