IPhone 14 Pro review: how the island that wasn’t there works

It stands out for the Dynamic Island, the “dynamic island”, as Apple has called the new notch. iPhone 14 Pro, which we tested in the massive Max version, brings this novelty which is the first to be different in time in terms of user experience. An elegant solution to cover the area dedicated to sensors and front camera, which however has reduced its size.

Dynamic Island, applications

It becomes a portion of the screen for ongoing activities. Charging the battery. The Airpods, once connected, with an animation that makes them rotate. The duration of the call in progress, with frequency graph. Apple maps, with directions for the next corner. Airplay to see what we are showing on the tv. Airdrop to see the progress of the file we are sharing.

It is capable of showing two activities at the same time: for example the song we are listening to – or the radio program or podcast, with image – and at the same time the countdown.

The view of the application state that activates in the “island” is essential, but holding the fingertip still on that portion of the screen and activating the “haptic touch” zooms in with more views and options.

Find out more
Find out more

Today, a pleasant and clean experience in using the iPhone is revealed, which allows greater multitasking by opening fewer windows, but what is more interesting we will see in perspective, when Apple will enable the APIs dedicated to Live Activities, which will be available to all developers with iOS 16.1, in October (the third beta has just been released, so something has already been seen).

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