Iran, Alessia Piperno is still in prison in Tehran. Di Maio telephones the Iranian foreign minister

She has been held in prison for a week prison from Tehranbetween dissidents of the Iranian government. For Alessia Piperno on 28 September the doors of the penitentiary of Evin: a prison sadly known for its methods particularly cruel through the various testimonies of the refugees, who speak of executions – many fake and carried out to put psychological pressure on the prisoners – beatings And torture.

From Sunday, the day of phone call di Alessia in tears to her parents for help, the car from Italy was activated Farnesina to get his liberation. And today the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio had a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amirabdollahian. The news was released by the state agency of Tehran, Irna, who did not, however, mention the case of Alessia Piperno, among the topics of the interview. According to rumors, however, as confirmed by theAdnkronosthe two ministers also spoke about the young woman travel blogger Roman.

And while you work to find one diplomatic solution to the story (for example with theexpulsion di Alessia from Iran) attempts are made to reconstruct the young woman’s last days of freedom and the context in which the arrest took place. From what we learn, especially from her travel notes posted on her social networks, it is certain that Alessia also spent a period in Kurdistan Iranian, an area that is constantly monitored due to instances anti regime and where a foreign woman certainly does not go unnoticed. She had been in Iran for two and a half months on a regular basis view which however expired on 14 September. For this she was intent on returning to Pakistan but unable to do so because he had not yet received the pass. Thus she would have obtained permission to stay in Iran until mid-October while protests flared up in the country after the death of Mahsa Aminiarrested and killed for not wearing the veil. Protests that the judiciary in Iran promises to stop harshly, with exemplary punishments for the “mercenaries“At the service of foreign interests that incite the demonstrators.

All this while the mobilization and protests in Iran continue and from Tehran comes yet another story of violence. It is that of the 16 years old, Nika Shakarami disappeared on 20 September while participating in demonstrations, even singing (as seen in a video later released on social media after her death): family members have found the body only on 30 September last, in a morgue of a detention center in the capital, with a broken nose and a smashed head, as told by the same relatives.


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