Iran. Anti-aircraft defense fired a missile over Natanz

  • Television reported that air defense units fired a missile to test rapid reaction forces over Natanz
  • “Such exercises are conducted in a completely safe environment … and there is nothing to be concerned about,” the spokesman for the army, Shahin Takikhani, said on TV.
  • Meanwhile, a high-ranking US State Department official told Reuters that during talks in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, the seventh round of which was interrupted on Friday, Iran backed off all the compromises that had been made in previous meetings on the issue
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The official explained that Tehran’s position disappointed not only the United States and European signatories to the agreement, but also China and Russia, countries that were traditionally more favorable to Iran during the talks in Vienna.

On Friday, European diplomats who participated in the talks also expressed “disappointment and concern” at Iran’s stance.

“Tehran is withdrawing from almost all the barely reached compromises in the previous rounds of negotiations between April and June,” they said.

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagheri, said on Thursday that he made two proposals to the other parties to the talks in an attempt to save the nuclear deal.

According to Bagheri, Iran’s first proposal summarizes the Islamic Republic’s views on the lifting of sanctions, and the second concerns Iran’s nuclear activities. “Now the other side must analyze these documents and prepare for negotiations with Iran on the basis of the texts submitted,” he said.

The seventh round of talks in Vienna is set to resume next week. Until then, the participating European countries are to consider the Iranian proposals.

The Viennese negotiations are attended by representatives of Iran and delegations from Germany, Great Britain, France, China, Russia and the EU, and indirectly the USA.

The 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, between Tehran and the world powers stipulated that Iran would not enrich uranium to a level higher than 3.67%, and instead the international economic sanctions imposed on the country were lifted.

The deal was intended to limit Iran’s nuclear program and prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear program does not serve military purposes.

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