Iran has prepared a draft law that includes comprehensive regulations on cryptocurrencies

According to the semi-official Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA), Vice President Dehkan said during a speech at a conference on “combating terrorism financing and money laundering” in the capital Tehran that a bill on cryptocurrencies has been prepared by the government. . ,

Dehkan pointed out that cryptocurrencies can be used for money laundering purposes and therefore there is a need for stronger regulations. Said.

In this regard, Dehkan said that as the government, they have prepared a comprehensive draft law envisaging regulations on cryptocurrencies. Used his words.

cryptocurrency goals in forex trading

Former President Hassan Rouhani called for the necessary steps to be taken in June 2021 to legalize cryptocurrency activities in the country and ensure the safety of capital of citizens investing in this sector.

Ali Reza Peymanpak, head of the Trade Development Organization affiliated with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, said in a statement in August 2022 that he aims to use cryptocurrencies in foreign trade. PaymanPak said that the first import transaction of $10 million worth of crypto money was successfully completed.

The main goal of Tehran’s desire to use cryptocurrencies in international trade is believed to be to circumvent unilateral banking sanctions imposed by the United States.

Iran is also included in the countries where the highest cryptocurrency mining takes place in the world. The cheap cost of electricity in Iran has made crypto money mining widespread in the country in recent years.

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