Iran launches missile attacks on ISIS targets and ‘Zionist spies’ in Iraq and Syria

Cairo.this iranian revolutionary guard Targets linked to the terror group were struck with ballistic missiles early Tuesday islamic state (IS) and “Spies of the Zionist Regime (Israel)” Iraq and Syria, At least two civilians were killed.

The Revolutionary Guards reported the attacks on their social networks, while Iraqi security sources confirmed to EFE that at least eight missiles landed near the U.S. consulate, according to Iranian media outlet Borna News and News TV. It is a building under construction.this Iraqi Kurdistan, Two civilians were killed and four injured.

“Elements of the Guards of the Revolution (…) identify meeting places for commandos and elements related to recent events Terrorist attacksespecially the Islamic State, destroyed them with ballistic missiles in occupied Syrian territory,” website Sguardian epah. The Revolutionary Guards said in a statement, adding that the attacks were “a response to recent crimes committed by terrorist groups that unjustly killed a group of our dear compatriots in Kerman and Lask.”

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Regarding the Erbil attack, the Fars News Agency, which is affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, issued a statement saying that the missile it launched targeted “Israeli Mossad’s spy headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan” and is affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. connect.

U.S. officials said the Iraqi missile strikes did not hit any U.S. facilities and caused no American casualties.

The attack in Erbil killed one of Iraq’s richest men, businessman Peshraw Agha Dizayee, who was accused of helping export Iraqi crude to Israel, local media reported. CEO of Falcon Group.

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