Iran out of the World Cup: Ukraine is also with Italy

The possible exclusion of Iran from the World Cup is continuing to animate the weeks preceding the start of the World Cup in Qatar. Now Ukraine is also with Italy

There’s nothing to do, or maybe something yes. L’Iran, in fact, he is at the center of a real storm that could exclude the national team from World.

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The theme, in recent weeks, has on several occasions been related to i civil rights, and especially women. The investigation is on the table of the FIFA and the final decision is by no means a foregone conclusion. Today, however, another important request has arrived that could further aggravate the position of the Asian country. Everything has to do with the war between Russia And Ukraine and, in such an international framework, it is by no means to be taken lightly. The accusations against Iran are mainly due to military and, consequently, political issues. The drones that the troops of the Kremlin they are using to target Ukraine’s energy and civil infrastructure they are really Iranian. And not even the world of football can stand by and watch.

Shakhtar Donetsk urges FIFA to exclude Iran from the World Cup

Iran out of the World Cup: Ukraine is also with Italy
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The CEO of the Shakhtar Donetsk, one of the most important Ukrainian clubs, according to reports from the ESPN, accused Iran of participating directly in the terrorist attacks against the Ukrainians in recent days. Sergei Palkin he suggested that Ukraine should play in Qatar to replace Iran. The manager said: “Shakhtar asks FIFA and the entire international community to ban immediately the Iranian national team to play at the World Cup for the country’s direct participation in terrorist attacks against Ukrainians ”. And he added: “This will be a fair decision that should draw worldwide attention to a regime that kills its best people and helps kill Ukrainians.” A new hypothesis on the table, therefore, in addition to the repechage of Italy and that could animate the next few days. We also remember that in the past few hours a new official request has arrived to exclude Iran from the world cup. We also underline that the possibility that Italy obtains a wild card, after the Asian country leaves the scene, is definitely unlikely.

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