Iran, police shoot protesters commemorating Mahsa Amini – Mondo

Law enforcement has opened fire and used tear gas to disperse protesters who had gathered in Saqqez, in Iranian Kurdestan, to commemorate Mahsa Amini 40 days after her death after the 22-year-old was arrested for not wearing the veil correctly. She made it known on twitter ‘Hengaw’, an organization based in Norway that deals with human rights violations in Kurdistan. In the morning a large crowd had gathered in the Aichin cemetery of Saqqez where the girl is buried to commemorate her.

Iran has Internet access blocked “for security reasons” in Saqqez, the city in Iranian Kurdistan where Mahsa Amini was born. “The internet connection has been cut in Saqqez for security reasons,” says the Isna agency.

Who is Mahsa Amini
The 22-year-old died on September 16 in Tehran after being arrested for not wearing the veil correctly. The girl’s case has led to demonstrations across the country that continue after more than a month. The crowd gathered today at the young woman’s grave, on the 40th day of her death, which is traditionally celebrated in Iran as the end of mourning. “Down with the dictator”, “Kurdestan, the tomb of the fascists”, “women, life, freedom” and “we are all Mahsa, you fought and we will fight too”, were some of the slogans shouted by the demonstrators who went to the tomb. on foot, after threats from the government to close the roads leading to the cemetery to avoid protests.

Spanish trekker arrested
Spanish trekker Santiago Sánchez, of whom there has been no news for three weeks, was reportedly arrested while he was in Iran. This is learned from news, not yet officially confirmed, which appeared on social media according to which Sanchez was seen three weeks ago in Iraqi Kurdistan while the arrest took place in Saqqez, the city of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini who died after being arrested for not carrying the veil correctly. The man was on a journey on foot which, crossing 15 countries, was supposed to take him to Qatar for the World Cup. According to media rumors, Sanchez was transferred to Tehran while, for now, there have been no official reactions.