“Iré hasta las ultimas consecuencias”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother spoke of his relationship with Georgina: “I have had the last consequences”Instagram

The relationship between Georgina Rodriguez and Dolores Aveiro Now it is the focus of the controversy. The rumors and their behavior in different acts that were shared together, it was evident that the vinculo among them was not much too narrow. Aunque because in the last times han conseguido limar asperezas There is already a young person who knows how to come back to the relationship between the football player and the model. This is how the ‘Look’ portal was opened and it was originally when Georgina wanted to live with Cristiano.


The football player sheltered the doors of his house to influence him and the god absolute freedom to decorate the mansion has its taste. Georgina redesigned her life completely and made a decision that marked her relationship with Dolores Aveiro.

The model decided to predict a quadro that Ronaldo tenía con su madre y en suyo roommate a retrato suyo. In one of the visits that Aveiro he discovered his friend’s house that Georgina left the photo and then the habit stored in the garage. This is the gesture of Goergina Habría sentado fatal a la madre del futbolista.

The figure of Dolores Aveiro is still behind the rumors of the crisis between Georgina and Cristiano Because of this, after different sources, the relationship between them has become unbearable.

For many years in silence the call was answered, the mother of the football player asked all of this information and it was announced in her relationship with her partner. “Who shares, in my number and in the number of my family including Georgina Rodriguez, that he can put his hands to the right to clean my number a favor of my family“.

Ire you have the last consequences?no one to protect my and my children, and it is also proven that the sources, the written words and they have to be malicious and infunded”, declared in the writing.

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