Ireland Baldwin tattooed herself naked Kendall Jenner ?! The model comments

Ireland Baldwin
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Ireland Baldwin is also a famous model. Although she is not as famous as her cousin – Hailey Bieber, her popularity has grown recently. All because of the tattoo. Ireland Baldwin has a naked woman tattooed that looks like … Kendall Jenner! Is it really her?

The name Baldwin is very famous in show business. Of course, the most famous is Hailey Bieber, who started her modeling career under her family name. Her uncle, Alec Baldwin, who has been involved with the SNL comedy program for years, tried to extend the Baldwin lineage. She has as many as 7 children!

One of them is Ireland Baldwin, who is also doing a modeling and actress career. Now it is more popular due to its peculiar tattoo …


Pete Davidson made a joke with Uncle Hailey Bieber. Because of this, Alec Baldwin … lost weight …

Ireland Baldwin tattooed herself naked Kendall Jenner ?!

Such a conclusion was drawn by many Internet users! Ireland Baldwin showed her new tattoo on Instagram. This is a naked woman with dark hair. Pretty similar to … Kendall Jenner!

– Why do you have Kendall Jenner naked on your body?

– Is it the only one who can see Kendall here?

– This is Kendall Jenner naked!

We read in the comments.

Ireland Baldwin has decided to clarify the matter … No, it’s not Kendall Jenner!

My tattoo is not Kendall Jenner. She is beautiful, but in fact it is an illustration taken in the 60’s.

She wrote the model’s stories.

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