IRELAND • Unique special offers from Ryanair

Unique special offers from Ryanair - cheap tickets for travelers

Ryanair has unveiled the first details of its latest promotional campaign.

In the coming week, Ryanair passengers will enjoy exclusive Cyber ​​Week Deal specials. Some destinations in Europe will be available for purchase for € 9.99.

Special offer

The promotional campaign starts on Monday, November 22, and applies to flights until summer 2022. Special offers will be posted on the Ryanair website each day at midnight for nine days.

People who subscribe to the newsletter will automatically receive early access to the offers to their e-mail address. Previous Ryanair Cyber ​​Week passengers “be sure to check their email this weekend.”

Ryanair Marketing Director Dara Brady said:

It’s been a long year (…)
Customers deserve escapism, and with our array of Cyber ​​Week deals, we look forward to welcoming families, friends and couples aboard our flights in the coming months as you earn these amazing and well-deserved deals.

Among the special offers that will be available in the coming week, there will be, among others, the popular offer Buy One, Get One Free – as assured director Brady.

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