Irene Montero and Alejandra Jacinto endorse Vanessa Millan’s candidacy for mayor in Rivas

In the center of the photo, from left to right: Alejandra Jacinto, Irene> Monteiro and Vanessa Millan during their visit to Rivas yesterday (Photo Paco Rodríguez / Rivas Real)

Podemos-iu-Alianza Verde’s candidate for equality minister and presidency of the community insisted that “Podemos already governs in Rivas” and “shows the courage to assume the political cost of being a party, as in other places”. With “greater vigor” when it comes to “safeguarding the services and interests of citizens”.

Minister of Equality irene monteroand candidate of Podemos-iu-Alianza Verde for presidency of the Community of Madrid, alejandra jacintovisited Rivas yesterday, accompanied by the Podemos candidate for mayor of the city, vanessa millon,

Both political leaders listened to Milan’s explanation of the projects and works carried out in the field of ecological transition, the responsibility of which lies with the candidate of the Purple Party, among others the implementation of the fifth container in a good part of the city; deployment of community compost bins; new parks and green areas; Or the urban garden.

Vanessa Millan, in a tour lasting just over half an hour, showed the Savia Jovan park (recently renovated with new games for boys and girls to enjoy), the compost bins located on Bulevar de las Madres in Plaza de Mayo, and ended in one. In areas of urban parks located in the neighborhood of La Luna.

Jacinto, Montero and Millan listening to an explanation about working with community compost bins (Photo Paco Rodriguez / Rivas Real)

During his visit to the compost bins, the minister and candidate for the Madrid Assembly was able to learn, from the hands of Vanessa Millan, president and vice president of ASPADIR and two members of the unit, the agreement signed between the council and An organization dedicated to the care of people with functional diversity, which has allowed the development of the works carried out by the members of ASPADIR, to control and monitor these recycling elements, in the example of green and helpful job creation.

Both Montero and Jacinto valued the work done by Transisión Ecológica and the public company RivaMadrid through several initiatives with its circular economy plan ‘Con Ar de Rivas’, which they considered “a benchmark for abroad”. He also expressed his support for Vanessa Millán’s candidacy for mayor and his desire that Podemos “remain in government as an important force to achieve the many proposals and needs that Podemos has in its program”. ,” in which he highlighted plans housing for young people, those aimed at continuing to fight the climate emergency, or those related to job creation through an industrial pole that attracts companies related to the circular economy.

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