Irina Baeva Dazzles in a Tiny Swimsuit in the Sun

Showing off her shapely figure in a micro bikini, the famous Russian actress captured the spotlight after showing a photo from her last vacation in Jamaica

The famous Russian actress, Irina Baeva is back in Mexico and she let it be known with her new update on social networks, in which she published an attractive photograph of her last vacation on the Caribbean beaches, which captured the eyes of thousands of users due to the small beach outfit that he wore in this post.

Let’s remember that a couple of weeks ago, the beautiful model announced through her digital platforms that she was taking a few days off with her future husband, Gabriel Soto, with whom she greatly enjoyed her stay in paradisiacal destinations such as Jamaica. and Las Vegas.

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Through his personal account on the camera’s social network, Baeva shared a daring snapshot that caused intense reactions from Internet users, where he can be seen posing in the sun while resting his hands on a wooden railing and exposing a wonderful landscape of the seashore in the background.

However, what most captured the eyes of her loyal admirers was the heart-stopping body that the protagonist of “Vino el Amor” boasted in the image, in which she wore a tiny two-piece swimsuit, in bright red, which stood out in an exceptional way in his tanned figure.

As everyone knows, the famous actress of “The dragon: the return of a warrior” is a great fan of physical care, that is why she can flaunt a shapely figure that she has forged in recent years with dedication and discipline.

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“#Tbt Jamaica. Back in Mexico, but take me back ”, was the message that the 28-year-old wrote in the description of her souvenir photograph, with which she revealed that she is already back in Mexico City.

The publication, as expected, was very well received by his admirers, who left almost 77 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of a red heart, in addition to leaving beautiful messages in the comment box, where they mention how beautiful he looks on the postcard.

Obviously, the well-known 46-year-old actor was not going to be left behind and also posted a romantic message in which he wrote “My beautiful gorgeous hot bae”, which in Spanish could be translated as “My beautiful hot babe.”

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