Irina Shayk broke up with Bradley Cooper! We know why the model decided to end the relationship

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper split up. It turns out that the decision to end the marriage was made by the model. We know why she took this step!

A few months ago, rumors appeared in the media about the alleged one Bradley Cooper’s romance with Lady Gaga. All because of the movie A star is bornin which they played a couple in love. Their emotional performance at the Oscars 2019 also aroused a lot of controversy. Everyone wondered how the audience sitting in the audience would react to the behavior of the stars Irina Sheik – then partner Bradley Cooper. However, it turned out that the Russian model persuaded her husband and Lady Gaga to promote The birth of a star just like this. She knew that the rumors related to the romance would arouse great interest in viewers and would contribute to the popularity of the picture all over the world. Bradley Cooper he did not cheat Irina Sheikbut their marriage was not perfect. In early June, we learned that the actor and model had officially split up. Irina Sheik decided to finally end the relationship. What was the reason?

Irina Sheik broke up with Bradley Cooper! We know why the model decided to end the relationship

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, exactly that Irina Sheik decided to end her relationship with Bradley Cooper. According to the source, the model and the actor are completely different from each other and have different priorities. She focused on the family, while he focused primarily on his professional work. Additionally, Irina Sheik was tired of the constant struggle to improve the situation between them and did not feel the commitment of her husband. Eventually she realized that the feeling they had had had completely burned out. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper they spent four years together. Therefore, making the decision to end the marriage was very difficult. The model, however, decided to take this step, officially broke up with Bradley Cooper and moved out of their common home.

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