Irina Shayk pass the quarantine in New York with Vito Schnabel?


Irina Shayk in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus in New York would have found the love in Vito Schnabelthe son of the well-known artist Julian Schnabel, and it seems, according to several sources, that the two are already living together in the loft of the merchant of art that features in the list of his conquests names such as Heidi Klum, Amber Heard, Demi Moore, Liv Tyler and Elle Macpherson.

The top model has a loft in the West Village, a block away from the apartment Schnabel, as well, because lockdown, data bans move to the city if not for reasons strictly urgent as health emergencies or supply of food and drugs, it seems that the ex-girlfriend of Bradley Cooper have decided to stop at the home of his new love, venturing as well as notice the different sources of Page Six, “in a cohabitation, the two had not expected“but, as claimed by the source magazine “for many couples the emergency coronavirus has sparked a ‘syndrome Noah’s Ark’ at this time. People want to deal with in a couple of quarantine and the two of them are no exception“.

Although the stakeholders do not confirm nor disprove their relationship, several sources told the tabloid that the two of them were already attending hidden before that Donald Trump decide to close the state of New York, imposing quarantine on the Italian model. “The two were just at the beginning of their story when the bomb went off Covid 19 and rather than separate, they decided to face together this moment“said an insider of the couple, after the tabloid had published exclusive photos of Irina walking and laughing during the first few days of lockdown in the apartment of Vito Schnabel, from the large picture windows towards which now are focused targets of the paparazzi, but without being able to catch the couple on the fact.

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I heard rumor about it, many say that you are attending“, the source said, explaining, however, do not know with certainty if the report between the two is romantic or a simple friendship, given that it’s been known for several years. “However he added the fact that they are passing along the time period of the lockdown may think that between the two there is the tender… we’ll see”.

Meanwhile, there are those who are asking where is the small Lea, 4 years old, the daughter that Irina has had to be Bradley Cooper. In frattemo you are attending with the exmoglie of Tom Cruise, the actress Katie Holmes. “The child could have remained at Los Angeles with the father at the moment when Trump has decided to close the California“he hypothesized the source, recalling that the two have the housing shared their daughter, both of which “go crazy. For this concluded the insider I think that one of the two at this time, in spite of having found a new love, to feel terribly the lack of the daughter, but we don’t know who between Irina and Bradley”.

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