Irina Shayk stabs Bradley Cooper just before the end of 2019. It hurt?

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk
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Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper gave the impression of a perfect couple for four years of their relationship. The actor and model had a daughter, but never got married. Today there is no chance for it, because in the spring of this year the couple officially broke up. Now Irina Sheik for the last time in 2019 stuck a pin on an ex-guy …

Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper joined the long list of celebrities who broke up in 2019. After the scandal at the beginning of the year when the media around the world gossiped about the actor’s alleged romance with Lady Gagawhich he got very close to on set The birth of a star, in July, the couple officially announced their split. The tabloids vividly reported the end of the actor’s relationship with the model, publishing photos of Irina’s suitcase carrying from their home.

However, one must make it clear – about romance Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper there was no evidence. The singer herself repeatedly assured later that their emotional performance was on Oscars 2019 she was only an acting performance, and since the whole world believed in her feelings for the actor, the performance was very successful.

Irina Shayk pins Bradley Cooper a pin

Irina Sheik however, she lost confidence in Bradley Cooper. The ex-couple has not been seen together since their breakup, and they themselves have not commented on the ending of their relationship. Therefore, when just before the end of the year, the model posted a photo on Instagram with an eloquent entry, fans could not miss it.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk will raise their daughter together! Ex-couple has come to por …

Irina Sheik she added a photo with a friend to her Instagram profile Inga Rubenstein. In the photo, the model posed in a sexy, white dress, and the photo was signed:

Fans have no doubts that this is a harshness at the address Bradley Cooper. The actor never proposed to his beloved.

Do you think he’s regretting now?

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