Irina Sheik in a new hairstyle. The model chose a sharp cut!

Irina Sheik
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Irina Sheik decided to make a great metamorphosis. The model opted for a sharp cut and appeared on Instagram in short hair! Read more on and let us know how you like Irina’s metamorphosis!

Irina Sheik It has been delighting with its appearance for years. The 35-year-old model recently visited the tabloich due to her alleged romance with Kanye West. The couple, however, reportedly broke up because Shayk didn’t take the relationship seriously.

Irina has put on herself and is currently focusing on her appearance. A photo with a model in the lead role appeared on her Instagram profile, in a completely new version.

Kanye West and Irina Shayk are NOT dating anymore? “She likes him as a friend”

The model’s scissors were probably in motion! Irina decided to make a great metamorphosis. Until recently, Irina had long hair, now she delights with a short haircut.

Fan reaction? Immediate, of course. Internet users are delighted. After all, Irina is one of those people who delight in every hairstyle!

Ps. Which version is better?

By the way, I wonder if Irina really decided to make such a radical change, or did she take the easy way and chose a wig?

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