Irina Sheik in lingerie. Internet red hot

Irina Sheik has been at the forefront of world models for years. She is also active in social media. Each of her subsequent photos evokes a lot of emotions. Especially when she’s wearing lingerie. Internet red hot.

Irina Sheik for years she has been at the forefront of the sexiest women in the world and the most popular models. The most handsome men strove for her favors – she met with Cristiano Ronaldoand then managed to steal her heart Bradley Cooper. Thanks to its impeccable beauty, it is an inspiration for millions of women. No wonder that the greatest trend creators strive for its participation in campaigns, because it guarantees success.

Privately, she is raising little Lea, Cooper’s daughter. Even though she gave birth 3 years ago, her figure is impeccable. It’s hard to believe that she is 34 and the mother of a 3-year-old. Today she warmed up the internet with a photo in her underwear.

Irina Sheik photo in lingerie

Irina was born in the Russian city of Yemanżelinsk. Her mom was a music teacher in kindergarten and her dad was a miner. Unfortunately, the model’s father died of complications from pneumonia. Her mother took up an additional job to support herself and her daughters, because Shayk has an older sister, no less beautiful Tatiana. They have a very good relationship. The evidence may be the photos of the model with her mother and sister, circulating from time to time in the media.

Irina has been on the top for many years and appears in campaigns by the biggest fashion brands. You can see it on the covers as well as in advertisements. She is very busy and exploits her popularity in every way.

Today, the model delighted the Internet users with a photo in her underwear. It poses for a selfie comes complete with the brand it is the face of. She looks insane and her figure is impeccable.

The original beauty of the model and the perfect body caused a wave of admiration. Internet users outdo each other in compliments.

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