Irina Sheik in New York in hipsters and a corset

Irina Shayk (Photo: Getty Images)

Some Rihanna, some Britney Spears. Irina Shayk mixes the hottest trends of the 2000s.

For Coco Chanel, the corset was a symbol of women’s enslavement, for Christian Dior it was the basis of a beautiful figure, and for Alexander McQueen it was a modern armor. The diamond stars of the 21st century treated him as the basis of their everyday wardrobe. The rebellious Avril Lavigne wore it in the Victorian style, made of satin and finished with a row of fabric buttons. Rihanna used lace designs with wire piercing through the material, and Britney Spears corsets forged in metal added a twist.

With the return of the fashion of the 2000s, this style is again visible on the streets of the world’s fashion capitals. A model made of stiffened tulle was placed in Irina Shayk’s wardrobe at the beginning of November last year. At that time, the model wore it complete with Chrome Hearts pants painted with gothic crosses, boots by Magda Butry and a monumental leather coat. At the beginning of summer, he lowers the state of his pants, choosing Britney’s favorite hipsters, and turns the autumn outerwear into a Ramones jacket. She completed the styling, which she presented during yesterday’s walk around New York, with a Burberry bag and military boots hidden under denim legs.

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